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Apples Falling: IP Theft And Cronyism in SL Event Culture

“The rotten Apple spoils his Companion.” ~ Benjamin Franklin I am not a Plurk user. When I see Plurk refers in my blog stats I generally want to just crawl back to bed and wait until whatever they’re on about passes over. So when friends say “you have to read what’s going on in Plurk” […]

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Free Advice For Event Coordinators

Dear Event Coordinators, You and I do not like each other. It’s not personal. You are simply advocating and maintaining a practice that I find creatively lazy as well as unnecessary and damaging to the SL community and its commerce. That aside, some of my friends are event coordinators and I’ve even had one or […]

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Chapter Four

“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” ~ Marcellus, Hamlet. (via Billy Shakes) So I went to get the new skirt from Milk Motion. The one I liked in a blog post wasn’t at the Mainstore, of course (silly me), so I had to find which of the events it was at. I keep […]

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The Fantasy Fair Flecha Fiasco

“Common sense is the knack of seeing things as they are, and doing things as they ought to be done.” ~ C. E. Stowe There are some gray areas in copyright, especially as we navigate from physical to virtual goods in an ever-growing landscape that merges the two. The law, at least here in the […]

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Do Not Pass Go

“This used to be my playground This used to be our pride and joy This used to be the place we ran to That no one in the world could dare destroy” ~ Madonna and Shep Pettibone There is an odd sort of emancipation that comes from not caring about something anymore. It’s both sad […]

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