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Various information, reflection, or general bitching about virtual living within the platform of Second Life.

Gothmas By Gaslight (A Cursed Event)

A good many things go around in the dark besides Santa Claus. ~ Herbert Hoover Another event post. No, I haven’t been abducted by aliens. Shhh. It’s Christmas. (Insert usual disclaimer about my dislike and objections to location-based events. You all know my feelings by now.) Main Landing Point for Gothmas @ Cursed Main Landing […]

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Shoetopia Palooza

I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty. ~ Imelda Marcos Main Landing Point for SHOETOPIA 1 Main Landing Point for SHOETOPIA 2 If you read my site you know I have an established disdain for location events. So when Sax asked me to blog Shoetopia, I responded […]

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Milk Motion Mishmash

When I first saw the striped leather skirt from Milk Motion in the fashion feeds, I wanted it. Foolishly, I went to the Milk Motion Mainstore, where I was reminded that we don’t live in an SL anymore where you can always find the latest releases at creator stores. So I wasted an hour weeding […]

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Berry’s Movie Poster Challenge – PAWS

“We’re gonna need a bigger mouse trap.” ~ Anon. I am not much of a joiner. It’s not that I think I’m too cool for the crowd — I’m just bad at it. I’m either too sarcastic or too lazy or just not into the things others seem to be into. I’m also not a […]

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Free Advice For Event Coordinators

Dear Event Coordinators, You and I do not like each other. It’s not personal. You are simply advocating and maintaining a practice that I find creatively lazy as well as unnecessary and damaging to the SL community and its commerce. That aside, some of my friends are event coordinators and I’ve even had one or […]

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