Avatar Style Card

For Second Life fashion and style addicts who may be interested in virtual body specifics that I don’t necessarily post in every entry:

~ General Appearance ~

Skin: I currently switch between two different skins:
* Jen from League in the Fair tone.
* Lilith from Glam Affair in the Arctic tone.

* Previous Skins
* From December 2011 through much of early 2012, I wore the Ebba skins from LAQ (Laqroki) in the Ivory tone along with the LAQ eyebrows in the Ivory pack (Red Brow 01).
* From 2009 until December 2011, I wore the LAQ Elin skin line.

Eyes: Tragic Eyes in Light Gray from Curio. I wear both the textured and prim eyes. These are not currently available.

Eye Lashes: I wear both alpha and non-alpha lashes, sometimes separately, but often in concert:
Redgrave – Luscious Alpha Lashes
LeLutka – Curl Prim Lashes

Hair: Unless mentioned in the blog entry, I am most likely wearing Truth Hair. I’m currently fond of the Jupiter color which is found in the Gingers pack.

Mole: Launa Fauna, Bayonetta

Areolae: JanNe D2 Fashion (JANNE Tripsa)Galatea Natural Medium

Feet: When I am barefoot I am most likely wearing SLink‘s Rigged Mesh Barefeet. You can find my blog entry on them HERE.

~ Cosmetics & Accessories ~

Eyes: I favor PixelDolls eye makeups which are, at this time, only available on the Marketplace. I also frequently wear eye shadows from Kosh.

Lips: Mocksoup Graves makes several lip shines and primers for her M.O.C.K. Cosmetics line. I almost always wear her Bellini Lipshine.

Glasses: Unless otherwise mentioned, I am likely wearing K_gs Ellipse 1.03 or the Mesh Stylin’ Oval glasses from [Seburo].

Nails: Almost exclusively I wear Pixel Mode‘s Sculpted Nail V2 – Platinum Edition V2 : Gloss pack. It isn’t the short sport cut I prefer IRL, but it’s the closest non-talon alternative.

~ Shape Settings ~

(I retain privacy over some settings)

Height: 57
Thickness: 16
Fat: 5

Torso Muscles: 35
Neck Thickness: 43
Neck Length: 51
Shoulders: 35
Breast Size: 50
Breast Buoyancy: 40
Breast Cleavage: 20
Arm Length: 90
Hand Size: 20
Torso Length: 45
Love Handles: 18
Belly Size: 3

Leg Muscles: 45
Leg Length: 50
Hip Width: 53
Hip Length: 35
Butt Size: 25
Saddle Bags: 29
Knee Angle: 50
Foot Size: 0

~Camera Offsets~

CameraOffsetScale: 1.5
CameraOffsetRearView: X: -2.100, Y: 0.000, Z: 0.050
CameraOffsetFrontView: X: 1.800, Y: 0.200, Z: -0.200
CameraOffsetGroupView: X: -4.500, Y: -0.900, Z: 1.500

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