Basic Tenets

** First-time posters of comments are always held for approval.
** Spam is deleted. Comments that do not address the post may be deleted.
** Self-promotional comments may be allowed to remain if they are informative in nature, but any accompanying spam content will be removed. No comment will ever be altered to confuse the post intent.
** Comments that challenge the opinions and/or assertions made by the author are most welcome and will generally be allowed to remain unless a comment war ensures and becomes annoying. At that point, comments may be held while tempers cool for later approval.
** People who threaten legal action or make interweb threats against me (in any format) will not have additional comments approved unless they revoke their statements of threat and type “I am a ridiculous child” 100 times on a notecard and drop it on me.
** Bottom line: free speech is the rule of thumb until you make my inner fascist kick in.

Comment Responding
Odds are, I said all I had to say on the topic when I blogged. If I don’t respond to your comment, I’m not ignoring you personally. I’m happy to let comments speak for themselves; I don’t look at them as social engagement. That said, if I’m invested in a topic, I may decide to respond point-by-point. This is tedious, I agree, but when comments are all over the place, it’s the only way to be absolutely clear. Luckily it doesn’t happen all that often.

Regarding civility, I am sarcastic and uninviting by nature. Know this going in and spare me the mock outrage when I suggest you sod off. I hold civility as a privilege, not a default. This is my space and those who come here are guests; guests are treated with welcome until they behave in a manner that rebrands them as hostile witnesses. This includes acting like a snit on social networking outlets and then trying to come here and act as if nothing happened. I find that particular hypocrisy fucking annoying.

Editorial Content
** This is a personal blog and all opinions expressed are those of the author.
** Some of the stuff posted here may not be 100% positive, but it will be 100% honest to the best of my ability. None of it has an agenda.
** I openly admit that friendships and business associations may present the appearance of conflict of interest — unless you actually know me and realize my friends get an even harder end of the honesty stick than strangers.
** Editorial blackmail will not be tolerated in any form, however subtle. Attempting to cajole or harass me to engage certain topics will likely have unpleasant results of the “contents under pressure” variety.
** It is the responsibility of the reader to weigh my credibility against my policies and editorial content and determine the value for themselves. In judging such value, please note it’s easier to charm me than to buy me, and easier to seduce me than to charm me. Chocolate and caramel of high quality in any combination represent the only form of bribery that will be taken seriously — although unless you know me well enough to have my personal address, that’s really not going to be much help to you. Of course, when they figure out how to upload sweet treats via the interwebs, then I don’t think any blogger’s credibility will ever be certain again.

Link Requests
Link requests will be considered for any site that fits my current categories and/or interests, assuming you aren’t, you know, completely vile and didn’t run over my virtual puppies in a previous encounter. If you’d like a link on my site, drop me an email or an IM and I’ll try and check you out and get you on the blogroll. Please do not request more than once per month. If I don’t add you it’s either a lack of time or an issue with aforementioned vileness. Also, never underestimate laziness.

Review Policies
** Solicited Items: If I have solicited you for review copies of your items and you have provided them, you can expect to see them reviewed here within 5 – 10 days of handing over the samples. I will try my best to let you know the review is up, but often I have the memory and attention span of … oh, look a shiny thing! If you do not see a review within a reasonable amount of time and I have not contacted you with an explanation, please feel free to harass me mercilessly, because I agree – that is just rude.
** Unsolicited Items: If you are dropping items on me unsolicited, I may or may not get to them — in fact, I may or may not even see them. My review pace on this site is far below what some of you are accustomed to in my previous endeavors, but I still get sample items from all over the grid on a regular basis. I generally do not respond to unsolicited review items because I view it as an impersonal transaction — like returning a library book. If you really feel that your items would appeal to me, please feel free to give me a nudge about them every so often until I respond or hire someone to kneecap you. Please know that including an image of your items in a folder, and clearly marking your folder with three asterisks and the words PLEASE REVIEW in all caps will greatly increase your odds of being seen (Example: ***PLEASE REVIEW – Prim Puppies***). If you drop boxed items on me they will likely never be seen or heard from again unless you’re one of the people who can make me squee on sight.

I am close friends with Sax Shepherd of Sax Shepherd Designs, host his store space and sometimes help brainstorm product ideas. When I blog his items I am clear about my conflict of interest.

Others who I work with closely and maintain personal relationships with include: Trav Rexen, Grace McDunnough, and Lyndon Heart.

While I am on speaking terms with some designers, it is nothing that creates a conflict of interest.

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