If you’ve found this blog, it’s likely you romp about in the virtual playground that is Second Life. Within that uberunreality exists Salome Strangelove — a petty little creature who squees in pixel vanity at pretty make-believe clothes, shoes, flowers and other such gimcrack. She’s frivolous and unapologetic and has been called many nice things and many vile things and owns up to some of each. She also has a clinical problem where she speaks in third person about herself to avoid taking “about” pages too seriously; if you can read this, send help.

A great deal of her early virtual shopaholic years were chronicled at Linden Lifestyles — the unofficial shopping blog of SL, which ran off and on from March 2006 to August 2008, and of which Salome was co-founder and -editor. If there is such a thing as SL-famous, LL was that. Big fish, little ponds, etc.

This blog is authored by the same Salome Strangelove, but it is not just a shopping or fashion blog (even in the make-believe sense). The voice of the meat space individual behind the silly little avatar seeps through a bit more here. This space is intended primarily to explore the concept of virtual living in make-believe worlds through the filter of a person immersed within them on a far more regular basis than most. Some of this involves make-believe clothes, some of it does not. The reasoning behind blogging as Salome as opposed to meat is explained in the first entry of this blog, found here.

Should you wish for any reason to contact the author of this blog, you can do so by emailing her at: salstrange ~at~ gmail ~dot~ com. I wouldn’t do it, but that’s just me.

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