Apples Falling: IP Theft And Cronyism in SL Event Culture

“The rotten Apple spoils his Companion.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

I am not a Plurk user. When I see Plurk refers in my blog stats I generally want to just crawl back to bed and wait until whatever they’re on about passes over. So when friends say “you have to read what’s going on in Plurk” I am rarely eager to do so.

Those of you that are like me probably missed this week’s scandal. In most cases that would be a good thing, but in this case, there are long reaching consequences linked to the controversies and squabbles. So much so that I’ve had to break them into two blog posts – this one (which addresses the incestuous relationships between some big name designers and event coordinators and the lack of consequences this creates) and one that I’m working on which addresses the ethical implications of gacha events like The Arcade.

First, let me recap what appears to have taken place.

  • Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea noticed that Apple Fall was putting out an iMac clone he called the iFall. Isla sent a private message to Apple Fall telling him to remove the item from sale / promotion or she would bring it to the attention of event coordinators, etc.
  • Apple Fall responded on his Plurk with the usual class he exhibits in all his public dealings. His “you can’t touch me” response:
    So, i’m fed up of your shit, your antics, your feeble attempts at trying to underhandedly attack me. And not just me, sweet heart (Yes, Isla Gealach, I’m talking to you),
  • Isla Plurks that she has gotten an anonymous text threat from an unknown number in Australia. It reads: “gurl your secret is out. world wide. time to step down. karma is about to slay you.”
  • Tegan Serin, owner of Floorplan, first Plurks that Isla has stolen fabric textures herself and has no room to go after Apple Fall. She then Plurks that she has gotten a text threat from Isla. It reads:
    Amanda. I know about the arcade scripts. Thomas showed me and I have proof. I know your alt got all the rates only. Stop this witch hunt. Now. I know you use shit from etsy bc you showed me how. So stop. Before I tell everyone. So far I’ve told no one. Piss me off and see. Delete your plurk or I’ll put one out there of my own.
  • Colleen Desmoulins, owner of The Loft, asks what is going on and in her (now hidden) Plurk; comedy and cat-fights ensue. Jezibell Thorne (co-owner of C88 and Apple Fall’s public relations / customer service partner) ignored Apple’s infractions and went after Isla. Voshie Paine (Enchantment) hilariously tried to assert some moral authority and Octagons “Pizza” Yazimoto (The Arcade) spent time trying to kill any notion of wrongdoing by The Arcade. The usual fanboi types rah-rahed their two cents. Isla Gealach was accused of copyright violation on some of the fabrics of her pieces as if that negates everything else under discussion. The group also demanded Isla provide “proof” of the Arcade script accusation, even though it was Tegan that made that public.

Stop laughing. This is so what happened.

Most of this is now hidden behind public Plurk streams turned private — because once their income is threatened and their high school behavior is revealed, suddenly all these brave kids with their “bring it” attitudes just want everything to go away. But the damage, in this case, lingers and raises some big questions for consumers regarding the ethics and behavior of the big name event organizers and the way trademark and copyright infringement is often ignored when it involves popular designers.

Popularity + Copyright / Trademark Violation = No Problem!

Apple Fall is unrepentant about his copyright and trademark infringement. This is not surprising since the Apple Fall store shows that he has no problems infringing upon the intellectual property of Hasbro/Mattel, Vogue, and Burberry (those are just the ones that are obvious at a glance). There is no indication he intends to refrain from selling his “iFall.” And why should he? He’s got the co-owner of C88 as his business buddy, so why should rules even apply to him?

This is not the first time one of the big players has demonstrated flagrant disregard for copyright/trademark. It is not the first time that it will be completely ignored by organizers. The truth is that designers and event organizers have little reason to care at all. Items that remind ignorant consumers of their favorite things are good sellers. And, in the unlikely event the items are reported to the larger companies and the larger companies act to have the items removed by Linden Lab, it’s the consumer who is punished, not the event staff or designer. The consumer loses money and merchandise without reimbursement. In fact, other than a three day ban (with their stores still able to collect sales) designers of infringing content rarely get any flack.

Many people, even surprisingly big design names, have been skating the rules their entire SL existences. When caught they disappear for a few months, then rebrand with their buddies and contacts intact. Because stealing is easy and creativity is hard.

Why isn’t there a bigger demand for ethics and transparency on behalf of organizers? Why aren’t designers removed from future event rounds when their intellectual thefts are discovered? Why aren’t they at least suspended from participation for a few rounds? Why don’t events demonstrate even a hint of interest in protecting their consumers?

Event Coordination Rule $1 #1: Stick With Your Buddy!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to identify the relationships that exist between most of the promoters and owners behind the bigger events. The Arcade clearly focuses on harvesting the popular designers from C88 particularly. C88’s co-owner is partners with Apple Fall. The Liaison Collaborative just announced their events will be moving to the Apple Fall SIM. These are just things that can be pointed to within the current controversy.

SL is a smaller pool than it used to be; the players have concentrated. It’s understandable that there will be crossover. But this isn’t crossover; this is lockstep. And when so many of the coordinators are using events to promote their own brands or shadow brands, then where is there any consideration for the consumer?

This is where we are in SL mainstream fashion and design. This is where event culture has led us. No one cares when popular designers break rules. No one seems to mind that a very small pool of people are controlling the biggest events.

I give credit where credit is due. The networking and promotion efforts by this entwined little clique is impressive. Most creative types don’t possess promotion skills, so there’s enormous value in promotion. But when that promotion has no ethical obligations and does not create inroads for new talent, then consumers lose.

There are a handful of brands and designers (Zaara, Wasabi Pills, Kriss Lehmann, Cory Edo, Barnesworth Annubis) that often participate in these events that I consider to be among the best offerings in SL, if not the best. Their reputations are hard-won and enough to make someone like me go to events that I otherwise find tedious and objectionable. It honestly saddens me to see these designers and brands alongside someone like Apple Fall.

I’m often accused of being an elitist snob, and it’s a fair accusation. I loathe the mediocrity that gets over-promoted in SL and I can’t stand the fact that so many events are about promoting friends as opposed to showcasing the best in what SL has to offer. But this is entirely different. Quality has nothing to do with it. You can create the best forgery in the world, but it’s still a forgery and you’re still a forger.

Copyright and Trademark violation is committed in an effort to gain from someone else’s work. If you think “well, Scrabble won’t miss the income” ask yourself why a creative person capable of making anything they want puts someone else’s brand on one of their own creations. Why go to all the work of creating it in the first place? Then ask what other ethical shortcuts such a person might be making.

When such a person is so closely entwined with the movers and shakers and promoters, who is there to hold them accountable for their actions?

Do the responsible and ethical creators of SL who work hard to build their brands really want to participate alongside this person?

Are those of us who love SL fashion and design really so eager to buy, buy, buy that we’re going to keep turning a blind eye to these incidents?

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  1. Cicadetta
    Posted February 10, 2014 at 10:28 PM | Permalink

    So… What you’re describing is essentially a cartel of digital goods makers centered around SL consumer events. Run by twelve-year-olds. This is not something I was really aware of, but it’s nothing that surprises me either and I have no cause to doubt you. (It just makes me a little sad to recognize two or three names up there.)

    Is there any FTC equivalent in Second Life, to inform consumers if nothing else? Or does it just fall to bloggers like you?

  2. Posted February 11, 2014 at 10:47 AM | Permalink

    Ah….Plurk, thank goodness I don’t do Plurk so I avoid most of the incestual fashion drama.

    Cicadetta, It just falls to some of the bloggers, and note that I said some. There’s plenty of bloggers that are seriously part of the problem and others like me who basically don’t say much about the problem even though I know it’s there because it’s too much hassle to fight it.

    In the old days bloggers were more independent, but now with everyone and their KittyCat a fashion blogger and all of them wanting fatpacks dropped on them and half of them being event promoters, region owners, CSR’s, making poses/makeup or otherwise having a financial stake in the status quo… Well it leads to what we see.

    And as much as I’d like to kick ass and chew bubblegum in regards to the various issues, there’s not much I can do. Though I’d really like to see a few oldbies get together and do a little bit of “house cleaning”

  3. Editorial Clarity
    Posted February 11, 2014 at 7:48 PM | Permalink

    Can you bring our attention to a single furniture designer in Second Life that doesn’t do this?

    The problem with Isla, is that yes, she complained…but she has no right to do so when she does exactly the same thing. Apple created an iFall, he did not use the logo of the Apple Brand, he was inspired by the design. Many designers do not even change a single thing when they bring a design InWorld From RL. Complaining about someone doing it when you do it yourself, is just tacky.

    Isla has been kicked from many things in the past, mainly because nobody likes her attitude and the way she works. I like her items, I buy them, but in no way are they unique or original.

  4. Posted February 11, 2014 at 8:02 PM | Permalink

    Cicadetta, “cartel” is an excellent word. I wish I’d thought to use it. Sadly there is nothing like an FTC nor do I think that’s a practical possibility. Nor would it be necessary if people would simply stop acting like 13 year old brats.

    Editorial you don’t grasp how copyright protection works, nor how trademark works which is much more clear. Saying “hey, I kinda changed the thing I stole” or “hey at least I didn’t copy the thing I stole exactly” is not a defense. Of anything. And let’s be absolutely clear — Apple Fall is using the intellectual property of others; there is zero question about it.

    I am not defending Isla. I do not know the source of her material or if she’s throwing stones from inside a glass house. What I do know is that even broken clocks can be right twice a day and her innocence or guilt has nothing to do with Apple Fall being unethical and behaving as though he’s above consequence.

  5. Apple Fall
    Posted February 11, 2014 at 8:06 PM | Permalink

    There’s no controversy or conspiracy here… Isla called me out so I called her out. Fair game in my opinion. Isla dug her own grave, not just in this case, but in MANY cases where she has blackmailed and lied her way to getting what she wants; now she can lay in it.

    And you tell me honey ONE store that doesn’t take designs commonly seen on Pinterest or on websites such as Restoration Hardware, Ikea or whatever else. You can’t, so you are completely invalid.

    Whether the plurks are hidden are not are entirely down to the one who created it, Colleen in this case. Our ‘bring it’ attitude is actually a long needed reaction towards someone who thinks they can get away with murder and nobody is going to do anything about it.

    Please, find out the whole story before posting half assed accusations because at the end of the day, you made yourself look like a fool more than anyone else with your ignorance.

  6. Editorial Clarity
    Posted February 11, 2014 at 8:17 PM | Permalink

    If you had all the facts of the matter, you will find Isla was the unethical one. Like I said…EVERYONE who makes furniture in SL does it. The fact that Isla blatantly does it, then complains about someone else doing it, is just pathetic. Just go to her store, if her stuff got reported for ip infringement, she would have nothing left. And neither would the vast majority of anyone else. My advice to her is, don’t complain about someone lee doing it when you yourself do it.

  7. Posted February 11, 2014 at 8:19 PM | Permalink

    If you all want to go report Isla, do it. No one is stopping you.

    Hi Apple. Will you be removing your trademark infringing products? Or are you just here to blame other people for your IP theft?

  8. Posted February 11, 2014 at 8:31 PM | Permalink

    I’d like to direct your attention towards something simply because I believe that if a person is going to out right thrash another, in a public forum said person should educate themselves on the sources and examples they use when attempting to gain clout and credibility for their cause.

    Take a look. No seriously, take a look. See anything familiar? Perhaps a few things? More than a few things maybe?

    Before you begin to profess to the masses whom exactly in the universe is creative and whom is not it would be great if you’d do some research. You are certainly entitled to your opinions but please do not confuse an opinion with fact. Unless you’ve created an item yourself, from your mind you’ve no idea and no place to call it entirely unique.

    I remain,

    -Shae Sixpence

  9. Posted February 11, 2014 at 8:42 PM | Permalink

    I appreciate this is the point where you all rush in to point fingers at everyone else who steals as if it excuses anything, but lacking self awareness, could you at least focus? No one is debating that this happens, that people take from sources. What I am saying is that none of you are excused from stealing just because other people do it, too.

    The ignorance on display of copyright and trademark infringement is one thing; the complete lack of any responsibility is another.

    And yes, as long as people use theft to pretend to be creative, I’m going to call that exactly what it is.

  10. Apple Fall
    Posted February 11, 2014 at 8:54 PM | Permalink

    The fact you think that what I put on plurk has anything to do with ip infringements shows to me the fact that you are blindly unaware of what is going on here. Continue to entertain your notions about whatever you were saying up there but don’t try and skirt around the fact that you pinpointed me. You don’t care about ip theft whatsoever, this was an attack on me, purely and simply. Please do some more research; seeing as though you are not so in touch with what’s going on here. 🙂 when you have a more informed opinion, feel more than free to come back at me again. Take care x

  11. Posted February 11, 2014 at 9:04 PM | Permalink

    I pinpointed you because you are the one blatantly and willfully violating trademark that doesn’t belong to you. The other stuff – about all your little friends and their reindeer games and what you call “the whole story” only matters to those of you stuck in high school. The grown ups are concerned with the broader implications, like the fact that you are stealing and your only excuse about it is “everyone else steals too.”

    Feel free to crawl back to Plurk where your girls fight your battles for you and try to distract everyone else from the reality of what you do.

    And I’m going to take it that the answer is “no” to you removing your trademark infringing items from your store and the Marketplace?

  12. Apple Fall
    Posted February 11, 2014 at 9:50 PM | Permalink

    If you ask all of the other violators to remove their stuff too, I’d be more than willing. 🙂 I am not violating anything any more or less than anyone in second life so girl please get your shit together.

    Also my girls were on second life long before I was so technically I am their boy. Just for future reference

  13. Posted February 11, 2014 at 10:07 PM | Permalink

    Oh don’t worry your complete disregard for anything approaching ethics and your personal behavior cements your “boy” status. Maybe I’m old fashioned but I still think part of what makes a real man is standing up for the right things. And, it’s SL so I don’t rule out the possibility that you’re a 12 year old girl.

    Your buddies were all on SL long before you? You don’t say. Hey wait…isn’t that part of what my article was about? How this same handful keeps staging the same circus over and over? Thanks for validating that.

    I think I’m starting to understand why you need other people to defend you instead of owning your own actions.

  14. Apple Fall
    Posted February 11, 2014 at 10:20 PM | Permalink

    Well i am afraid to point this out but you clearly aren’t working with a real man.

    I am close friends with Sax Shepherd of Sax Shepherd Designs, host his store space and sometimes help brainstorm product ideas. When I blog his items I am clear about my conflict of interest.”

    I have seen these somewhere before… Getting that itching feeling. I am beginning to question how many conflicts of interest you actually have.

  15. Posted February 11, 2014 at 10:31 PM | Permalink

    What you kids don’t seem to understand is that there isn’t a problem with using real life items for reference in your own creations. In fashion you can’t trademark a design. That’s why after the Oscars all the knock off dresses and shoes pop up. No one cares that you all go around modeling your stuff on real life items, so long as you’re not violating trademark and copyright.

    I’ve no doubt that Sax and many of the original artists in SL draw inspiration from RL reference. That shoe is clearly an example. I’m also aware that it’s not a violation of trademark or copyright to do that.

    Sorry to steal your “scoup.” Please continue to come and defend Apple’s theft and use of other people’s trademarks by giving examples like this. It can only help to educate others about the gray area you all try to hide behind.

    Your only defense is to try and make others look guilty and shift the argument from your own actions. You get away with it in Plurk. Not here.

    Especially when you don’t have the courage to post under your own avatar names.

  16. Apple Fall
    Posted February 11, 2014 at 10:50 PM | Permalink

    How is what I do any more or less taking references from RL pics than Sax? Am I selling an iMac? Nope. Am I selling… A computer that looks like an iMac? Nope. I am selling a 3d virtual model REFERENCING the design of an iMac. I mean have you even checked the scaling of my computer or just looked at the picture and assumed. I mean are you even for real? The more you type the more I question your already lacking credibility.

    And don’t try and accuse me of shifting the blame. I’m not doing anything. Your so called concern for IP Infringement is dumbfounded and non existent. You attacked ME. This blog post is an attack on ME. So don’t come across like you have any morals or caring for the community because it’s a load of bullshit. Your ‘laughing at drama’ is now happening to you because that is the sole reason for this post. And you have just made yourself look really stupid, and a complete hypocrite. Just sayin…

  17. Posted February 11, 2014 at 11:02 PM | Permalink

    This post wasn’t included in any feeds. You came here. Don’t paint it like I’m looking for drama. There is a difference between attacking you and holding people accountable for their actions. You wouldn’t have anything to defend if you weren’t behaving in an unethical manner. You wouldn’t have to say “everyone does it.” Instead you could say “I don’t do that.”

    It’s unclear to me if you’re as ignorant as you come off or if you’re just playing it up so that people think you’re ignorant instead of unethical. You cannot trademark most fashion. You can trademark computer designs. Apple spends a lot of money doing just that. We could get into the finer points of that but you really don’t care.

    However what there is zero debate about is your use of Scrabble, Vogue, and a simulated Apple Logo. Those are trademarked. No questions asked. You are violating those things. There is no defense you can make for using them. No defense you can make for selling them. It isn’t a gray area: you are in open and clear violation.

    And no matter how much time you spend trying to point the finger at other people or posturing as a big shot you and all your little friends are still wrong.

  18. Apple Fall
    Posted February 11, 2014 at 11:18 PM | Permalink

    Vogue is a word in the Oxford English Dictionary it has an actual meaning, so there is no copyright there. Simulated apple logo is just that, simulated. Not copied, not stolen. Just like the principles of your people simulating dresses from the oscars and according to your own words that ain’t bad right?

    You accuse me of hiding in a grey area then continue to say that there is no grey area? I am so done here. There is no point in trying to make idiots understand things that their brains don’t have the capacity of doing so. So I will await the letters from Apple Vogue and Hasbro and talk to you in court. Goodbye

  19. Siggy Romulus
    Posted February 12, 2014 at 12:33 AM | Permalink

    Actually, there is no copyright on ‘Vogue’ – that would be silly. There is, however, a trademark…..

  20. Posted February 12, 2014 at 1:56 AM | Permalink

    The staggering ignorance between copyright and trademark is just — staggering. Copyright leaves a lot of gray area in Second Life because you might have to prove the source of the material, etc. That’s the gray area all your little friends hide behind when they lift fabrics and textures from etsy and other sources, or when they use things from Renderosity against license. It doesn’t apply to fashion and may or may not apply to design items unless they are patented and trademarked.

    You are violating trademark. Wantonly. And there is no gray area about it.

    Trademark and patent law has no gray area in this case. You can’t say you’re only “simulating” a trademarked logo. Putting an Apple on your “iFall” isn’t okay just because it’s not an exact replica of the real Apple logo. It could be a banana and you are STILL in violation of trademark ( It also doesn’t address your other trademark infringements.

    Violating someone’s trademark is arguably a much more aggressive form of abuse because you are potentially taking something away from the trademark holder if they do not take action against you. If you violate someone’s copyright and they take no action, their copyright is not affected. If you violate someone’s trademark and they do not act, then that devalues their next claim and over time can lead to them losing trademark. If I really wanted to attack you I could just wander into an Apple fanboi forum, post links to your flickr, and encourage everyone to go to Apple and report your trademark violation. Instead I posted a single article on my personal blog. Poor you.

    Based on your behavior it makes sense that you are also blisteringly ignorant, but your willful hostility in reference to your offenses is beyond the pale. You’re not only wrong, but rather than investigate your wrongdoing you are behaving like a child and being enabled by other children who are mouthing the same ignorant misunderstood reality as you. Your own behavior is more damning than anything I could possibly post. This includes your little mafia tactic of trying to go after my friend (who understands fashion items aren’t protected by copyright and isn’t violating anyone’s trademark). I don’t think anything could have provided a better example of just how low your little group sinks when someone dares to point out their bad behaviors.

    But all of your excuses, posturing and flounces will never distract me or anyone capable of critical thinking from the fact that you are content to violate the IP rights of others without a moment of introspection. It will not disguise the reality that your buddies that run events in SL will not hold you accountable for your actions.

  21. Apple Fall
    Posted February 12, 2014 at 11:45 AM | Permalink

    There were several ways to approach this if you were genuinely concerned about me violating trademark. You did it totally the wrong way. You can’t post shit like this and then turn around all glassy eyed telling people you weren’t expecting a reaction from the community or me; that doesn’t work.

    I will admit to you that I was confused between trademark and copyright… And upon further reading there are some things I can change so that I am no longer in violation of those laws. Isla called me out for copyright, and I knew I wasn’t doing anything with that.

    This could have been done in a much better way. What I put on plurk set the playing round level between what had been going on in the community involving several people. Do I find your article insulting, yes; and I still stand by what I have said here.

    Have I done a bit more research into specific trademark laws and not just overall copyright laws? Yes, and I will rectify the mistakes I have made in that department.

  22. Apple Fall
    Posted February 12, 2014 at 11:48 AM | Permalink

    And I will correct one slight mistake in your article at the beginning for those who will read this. Isla had already contacted every artist in the men’s department at the event coordinator before contacting me. She had no care for infringement whatsoever or she would have contacted me directly and quietly.

  23. Apple Fall
    Posted February 12, 2014 at 12:09 PM | Permalink

    There was never any ‘Isla quietly private messages Apple’. She had contacted every designer in the men’s dept to complain about me and had received many IMs from people saying shit. And she had already gone ahead and contacted the events coordinator. And this was a great while before I even found out, not from Isla but from everyone she had contacted to try and drag my name through the mud.

    My ‘you can’t touch me’ attitude was entirely intentional towards Isla. Don’t you think there is a reason why ‘my girls’ are so quick to defend me against her. She is no angel, and has treated everyone she knows like shit in the past thinking she can get away with it. My attitude was fighting her attitude, just like it was here.

    Do I care she is breaking TOU? Nope… Does she care I was? No, do you care I was? No, due to the one sidedness of your article. As a blogger it should be your responsibility to get the ‘whole story’ as childish and school yard as that may sound; for the sake of your credibility. Nobody reading this article will go any further than the first line because it’s riddled with everything that’s wrong.

    If the purpose of this article was to educate and not attack, then it is wrong from line 1. If you really wanted to give me a lesson or educate the people of SL about what a bandit I was you would have left the drama out, and approached it in a different manner.

    So while I have actually learnt something in this process, you are basically no better than me and the people at plurk as far as causing drama is concerned, in your own words.

  24. RicoRacer Flux
    Posted February 12, 2014 at 12:27 PM | Permalink

    Most designers/content creators get their inspirations in Real Life, even including Isla of Cheeky Pea. Even the name of her store, Cheeky Pea is copyrighted/trademarked by a restaurant business in UK as well as a home and garden magazine in USA. So it just seems strange to me how she would call out another content creator when she is doing the same thing. It’s what I call Hypocrisy.

    No offense to you but if you are so concerned about trademark rights, why are you buying these products? I can see you even have several Apple Fall Gacha items for trade. If you are against these events in Second Life, Why are you attending and supporting them? And why are you singling out one content creator? It seems you love drama and you followed this one diligently when it’s not even your business.

  25. Posted February 12, 2014 at 1:33 PM | Permalink

    Wow. A moment of self reflection. How refreshing.

    I have zero interest in defending Isla (or anyone else) and if you both knew she was violating trademark or copyright then it was your duty to take that to event organizers and/or report it to other authorities. Although it’s pretty clear you have no idea what most of the rules are you’re supposed to follow anyway. If you have your little friends message me or post here to say that they were contacted by Isla I’ll change that sentence. Because I’m sure that will alter the entire point of the article for everyone that reads it.

    Once again — what Isla did is irrelevant to this conversation. If I’d known that any of the other people in the article were violating trademark or if I had proof they were violating copyright, that information would have been included. Apple Fall was significant because of the flagrant and repeated violations as well as the clear and incestuous crossover he represents between event organizers and certain designers. That was the main point of this article. I don’t expect you to understand that.

    Even though you are clearly in the wrong and have discovered yourself to be without question in the wrong, you still choose to believe you should have been handled with kid gloves, sat down on someone’s lap and educated about the differences in right and wrong. You had no problem insulting my friend who has done nothing wrong and nothing to you. You’re unethical and ignorant but you expect special treatment.

    My blog has been and always will be for consumers first. Consumers are the people who get screwed by all these behind-the-scenes Mean Girl games. It was your obligation to know the integrity of your work before putting it out for sale, not after. As a consumer, it is not my obligation to hold your hand and take long walks on the beach and handle things quietly and kiss your ring. It is my obligation – even if I am the only one that doesn’t give a fig about going against your high school mentalities – to point out what you and your little clique does is wrong and anti-consumer.

    None of you seem to care about the stealing; it’s all about flexing your nuts and attacking anyone that holds you accountable. You’ll blame others; you’ll shrug it off and say everyone does it and then you’ll circle the wagons and go on like business as usual. And the people that tell the truth and force you to face it are the bad guys.

    You demonstrate no understanding of ethical behavior. There are many hardworking people in SL who don’t steal from the work of others and who don’t violate trademark and who don’t behave like six year olds. Unfortunately they also don’t spend all their time kissing the right ass so you don’t see them as often. Which is a shame, because someone like you could learn from their example.

    I don’t know if Isla contacted every vendor at the Men’s Department. I do know that since I posted this article several people have let me know they also complained about it. So you’re either a liar again, or you’re skirting the truth to play out like Isla was the only one that pointed it out. Whatever this battle is between the rest of you and Isla? Don’t care. Doesn’t matter. She is not my friend or my burden to defend — the only one that reads this article as a defense of her are those people that have decided she’s suddenly out.

    Not everything that points out the truth is an attack; sometimes it’s just the truth. In this case, I stuck to what was put out for public consumption. I don’t go running around to get snippets of gossip from people who act like teenagers in public and call it reporting. I blog what was there for anyone to see, even if part of it was hidden afterward. What the rest of you have to say in your little sewing circles is irrelevant. But if you want to put this “whole story” you keep referring to out for the public, you have multiple means at your disposal. It is not the job of my blog. And, let’s face it, kitten, you’re not going to do any of that because we can be pretty sure whatever this “whole story” is; it’s going to paint all of you like the pack of sad teenagers you are.

    Rico, the repeated defense of “everyone does it” … I don’t have words. The fact that you all can’t see how that damages you along with the people you chose to defend is telling. Isla might well be a hypocrite. If so, then go and report her. I suspect given how this has gone down she might be the only one disciplined by event coordinators in all this; but it won’t be for copyright/trademark concerns. It’ll be because she dared go against the reindeer games.

    I do, in fact, own many Apple Fall items. I liked the products – and I still like them – even though the creator behaved like a bit of an ass. If I let creator behavior hinder me in SL, I’d never shop. What I didn’t know until this incident was that Apple Fall was stealing from other people’s brand recognition. But hey, way to try and shift the blame again.

    Feel free to let me know which event organizers will be holding Apple Fall responsible for the “mistake” about selling trademarked products. Or let me know which organizers will be holding ANYONE accountable for the IP problems that you all seem to know “everyone” does.

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