Violent Seduction & [Noctis] @ GxG

“And the rest is rust and stardust.” ~ Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita

I’m still sorting through Gothmas blogger samples. But one of the items that made me actually squee is this Royal Star Lolita outfit from Violent Seduction.

Royal Star from Violent Seduction

Royal Star from Violent Seduction

The set comes with a number of pieces. The dress itself is mesh as is the adorable little hat that comes with it. Also included is a basic version of VS’s Lolita Blouse (available in their mainstore). The non-rigged system blouse has mesh sleeves and collar that were easy as pie for me to adjust and worked flawlessly with the Royal Star. If you get the full blouse in different colors from the mainstore, apparently you can mix and match and those full versions are the ones that include the little collar bow in the vendor ads.

The item is rich in details. The illusion of thick tapestry fabric is very impressive. The gold embroidery and edging is also well done, although it gets chopped off on the edges which is unfortunate. Making the dress edges scallop would have been a much more realistic effect, but I’m probably the only person in SL who notices such details. Elements like the puffy gold stars on the bodice and back bow also work to make this a charmer.

There are a handful of issues uber picky shoppers will want to evaluate on a demo. The way the mesh is textured at the top of the bodice is distorted. From a normal distance, it’s fine, but up close it gets a bit warped. There is also an odd choice in the back — a sort of half-belt that ends abruptly on either side of the waist. I think it’s supposed to look as if it’s a buttoned half sash but it’s hard to say. All of these are forgivable sins because the overall effect is such a darling, but if you’re a persnickety prat like me, you’ll at least want to be aware of the issues prior to purchase.

There are two different alphas included for different sleeve options, but I was able to wear the outfit without an alpha. This is nice if you’re like me and don’t particularly care to walk around 60% invisible.

The set comes with stockings that I didn’t care for, so I opted for Izzie’s Overknee Socks.

Izzie's Overknee Socks & Sax Shepherd Designs Saddle Janes

Izzie’s Overknee Socks & Sax Shepherd Designs Saddle Janes

The socks are available with and without Slink appliers and go adorable with Sax’s Saddle Janes Flats (which I’ve yet to stop crushing on).

Incidentally, if you’ve been having a problem with stocking appliers for Slink feet where you see a sliver of skin at the back where the foot meets your leg, check to make sure your Body Fat and other settings are right. I often have to push my Body Fat down to 0 for jeans and forget to move it up again for stockings.

Slink Stocking Applier Body Fat Glitch

Slink Stocking Applier Body Fat Glitch

To compliment the outfit I picked up the Gothic Victorian Monocle from La Petite Morte. I like the dangling chain with pearl, but it’s a very delicate piece that is really only useful for close-ups.

Moving on to decor, [noctis] was a new brand name for me, but I’m having a mad love affair with their Baron Von Scarlet’s Secretary Desk. The desk is packaged smartly with all the smaller decor items provided both individually and as a non-linked set. The lamp turns on, the brandy bottle gives you a wearable glass, the cigar box a wearable cigar and the books a wearable book. There’s a pouty little gargoyle on the book set that may be my favorite thing about the whole set. Complimenting the desk (and also included) is the Baron Von Scarlet Drawing Room Chair which has about 20 poses to Page Up / Down through.

[noctics] Decor Items

[noctics] Decor Items

I also included a shot of their Gothmas Decorated Tree. I’m a little over holiday trees right now but it has another pouty gargoyle at the top. The cuteness demanded attention.

Oh. While you’re at the store make sure you check out their little holiday feast gacha. All the ham and yams you can eat without any worry about your virtual waistline!

Where Does She Get Those Wonderful Toys:

Violent Seduction @ GxG
Royal Star Lolita Dress – L$300

[noctis] @ GxG
Baron Von Scarlet Desk Set – L$355
Gothmas Tree – L$155

Overknee Socks – L$240 (L$99 Slink Appliers)

Sax Shepherd Designs
Saddle Janes Flats – L$249 (in store)

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  1. Posted December 30, 2013 at 7:29 PM | Permalink

    The half belt thing you’re asking for is what is very commonly used on lolita dresses to help pull the waist in and fluff the skirt out a little more. They’re called waist ties and are not supposed to go all the way around. They start where the middle seam in the dress is and are just long straps that need to be tied in a bow when wearing the dress. Also I saw none of the issues with the dress you saw and I run in ultra graphics and have multiple pictures and close ups on my blog. o3o;

  2. Posted December 31, 2013 at 3:37 AM | Permalink

    I am familiar with tie backs / waist ties in clothing, but I did not consider that was the attempt here for a few reasons. For one, the belt is buttoned-on at the sides and the edges are clearly visible. Waist ties / tie backs are generally sewn on either side of the waist. I’ve never seen one button at the sides and it would be highly ineffective, but perhaps this method is used for decorative styles I haven’t seen before.

    The second reason I didn’t think of it as a waist tie is because the bow seemed completely independent of the sash/belt. If you look at the material on the belt it has gold trim on the top and bottom. There is no sign of the gold trim at all on the bow except for the very bottom. My impression was that the half-belt was buttoned on either side of the dress and the bow was attached to it. If it’s supposed to be one fluid waist tie, there were some poor design choices made to that end. There is nothing to indicate the bow is the same fabric as the sash.

    The other issues I mentioned have nothing to do with graphics and are clearly visible even in the photos you presented on your blog post. I’ve illustrated them more clearly below.


    The way the material is applied to the mesh around the bust is clearly distorted, even on your own image. The worst of it, at the sides, is hidden by the scarf on your close up.


    The trim is clearer above the ruffle of the skirt and is not chopped off, but scalloped. Had the mesh been scalloped along the bottom, it would have given a better effect. Also the trim along the bottom edge of the skirt is far, far more blurry.


    I’ve tinted the mesh of the dress black to highlight what you call a waist tie. There are clearly buttons on the side and no attempt to bury the ends of the sash to give the impression that it’s sewn it. The fabric of the bow is obviously just plain blue tapestry with a hint of trim at the very bottom of the bow tails. If the bow were made of the same fabric as the sash, the trim would be all through the bow itself.

    I didn’t bother highlighting these with images in my blog post because I felt I had given enough information so that a reader would understand where to look on a demo. The difference isn’t graphic settings, but in detail observation.

    While I understand that many bloggers choose to display products to the best advantage of the designer, my blogging has always been for consumers first, and my focus is always about presenting products honestly prior to purchase.

    That said, I do not feel these issues detract from the overall loveliness of the dress. I am a picky shopper, but I do understand that design includes compromise. Evaluating those compromises is how all consumers decide their purchases. The fact that I opted to wear it and blog it means that I recommend it despite recognizing its shortcomings.

  3. Posted February 13, 2014 at 4:21 AM | Permalink

    Hey there! I just stumbled across this blog – and thank you for your blog post!

    I just wanted to point out my reasoning behind the waist ties- a lot (If not most!) Lolita dresses come with detachable waist ties attached with a button or two on the side.

    It’s a feature that is nice but we often lose our waist ties in our abyss of a closet – so yes it actually is a feature of the dress and something that is quite common in Lolita fashion but maybe not elsewhere; it’s intentional 🙂

    Now that fitted mesh is in – I hope to be able to fix some of the other small details you have mentioned.

    Thank you again for your blog 🙂

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