Paper Moon & AZE Jewelry @ GxG

“Let arms yield to the toga, the laurel crown to praise.” ~ Cicero

I’m going to try and do a few drive-by posts regarding some of the items available at Gothmas by Gaslight.

Paper Moon Toga Dress in Silver

Paper Moon Toga Dress in Silver

I really liked the Our Lady of Electric Liberty Toga by Paper Moon. Maybe more so because the name is something Dylan would have come up with for an instrumental. I’m not sure if this is a Paper Moon original mesh or if it’s a template, but I love the bunching above the tight waist and the shaping of the skirt. I’m not wild about the sleeve straps or the way the texture was applied to the mesh, but this seems to be a common problem area for mesh items so I give it a bit more leniency. Definitely try a demo if that area is a pet peeve for you.

There has been a big effort to provide detailing to the gown with lots of hemming and edge stitching as well as shadow work that really pays off. The illusion of fabric folds is successful, especially on the lighter colors. Some of the highlights may be a bit too dappled on the red and darker colors which works much better for photos than being right on top of something.

Also, I noticed that the trim around the bottom of the red dress was incomplete and notified the creator. If you’re interested in the red, definitely drop her an IM before purchase to make sure that’s been addressed.
***UPDATE*** I heard from the creator and she has updated the dress with corrected textures. Shop freely 😉

The St. Lucia Wreath I’m wearing is also from Paper Moon and is available at the Genre Event. Okay so they’re not from Gothmas, but they remind me of one of my favorite Christmas comedies, so I had to wear them.

Sold alongside the dress are Tungsten bulb tiaras and rings in silver, gold, and multicolors. The pieces feature light-up effects and while they didn’t jazz me, I suspect they’d be faboo for a Holiday party.

AZE Snowflake Necklace

AZE Snowflake Necklace

I also chose to highlight the AZE Magic Lantern Snowflake Slides Silver Necklace. At first glance those may look like opals in the settings, but it’s actually tiny snowflakes swirling about between two glass slides. The peices are quirky industrial and the snowflake effect is different. Sort of like walking around wearing oodles of miniature snow globes.

From the creator:
Earrings & necklaces, in gold, silver, dark copper and gunmetal (dirty snow for the last two). Bracelets coming soon.

As a side note – yes, I’m blonde. I really love the Genesis hairstyle from Truth but I hate all his gingers and reds since the color shuffle. So I’m subjected to blondeness. Do not freak out.

Also I’m barefoot. Because…toga.

Where Does She Get Those Wonderful Toys

Paper Moon @ Gothmas
Our Lady of Electric Liberty Toga – L$325
Tiara (not shown) – L$285
Ring (not shown) – L$150

AZE Jewelry @ Gothmas
Magic Lantern Snowflake Slide Jewelry
Necklace – L$200
Earrings – L$150
Necklace & Earrings – L$300

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