Milk Motion Mishmash

Milk Motion Mishmash Outfit

Milk Motion Mishmash Outfit

When I first saw the striped leather skirt from Milk Motion in the fashion feeds, I wanted it. Foolishly, I went to the Milk Motion Mainstore, where I was reminded that we don’t live in an SL anymore where you can always find the latest releases at creator stores. So I wasted an hour weeding out which event it was at, sighed at the obvious copyright violations, captured my plunder and left.

Remember when shopping in SL was a pleasant experience? I miss that. Anyway…

This nude/black stripe variety of the skirt is still not available on the Marketplace or the store as far as I can tell, but there are other varieties of the skirt at the main location and several of them are equally lovely. I love neutral tones, but I love them even more when they’re contrasted with bold or dark colors. So these bold horizontal stripes seduced me along with the sheen of suede and the subtle pleats. Mine. All mine. And none for you. Unless Milk Motion decides to sell the skirt somewhere again, in which case there may be some for you. Good luck with that.

The problem with neutrals (like reds) is that everyone uses color names willy nilly. “Eggshell” and “ecru” and “taupe” are very specific colors but they get mixed in with “sand” and “tan” and all the others until you’re playing mix and match with a never ending sea of neutrals that have too much yellow base ecru to match your pinkish taupe even though they’re both named “nude” or “linen.”

Baistice Halter

Baistice Halter

So it took me a while to find a top that wasn’t too cold-weathery. Enter the nummy Baiastice Lari halter. I love this top. It’s perfect for a Summer outfit. The multiple tie backs are sexy and show off a bit of skin in all the night places to tease without being trashy. The liquid silk texture is one of the better texture jobs I’ve seen from Baiastice and the shading is sublime. I really enjoy it when designers put an upscale twist on a casual style and the effect of expensive fabric on this little slip of a halter does just that.

The hair (with cap) is from Truth (pre-disaster). It’s still on the wall but with the new colors, obviously. Good luck with that, too.

GOS Espadrilles

GOS Espadrilles

The shoes are GOS Espadrilles in “Linen.” Happily, these actually are linen colored, if a bit on the darker side of the hue. I’m not a fan of the newer GOS price structuring but this style is very reasonable and there’s no question of the quality or detail work with GOS products.

Lastly, my necklace is the newest boho casual jewelry release from Sax Shepherd Designs called Cascade. It’s non-rigged mesh and opera length which I don’t see very often. I really like the larger beads that look like dappled watercolors. I also found the earrings to be very unique, even though they don’t show under the long hair. The guitar pick shapes were different from anything else I’d seen and utilize the same style of watercolor textures without being repetitive.

Sax Shepherd Designs - Cascade Jewelry

Sax Shepherd Designs – Cascade Jewelry

Although they’re hiding on the one I’m wearing, the necklace has three beaded cascades that hang at different intervals along the length of the piece. They can be made visible or transparent by manually selecting “edit linked parts.” I’m sure there are some people who would prefer that option be scripted, but I don’t mind manual editing, and the set comes with two versions of the necklace — one with all the cascades hidden and one with all of them visible.

Sax Shepherd Designs - Cascade Necklace Options

Sax Shepherd Designs – Cascade Necklace Options

Where Does She Get Those Wonderful Toys:

Striped Leather Skirt (Black / Nude)
Creator: Marie Lauridsen
Milk Motion

Lari Halter Neck Top (Linen) – L$235
Creator: Baiastice / Sissy Pessoa

Edith Hairstyle
Creator: Truth Hawks
Truth Hair

Lolita Espadrilles (Linen) – L$495
Creator: Gospel Voom

Cascade Jewelry Set (Autumn) – L$349
Creator: Sax Shepherd
Sax Shepherd Designs

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  1. Posted July 6, 2013 at 11:26 AM | Permalink

    Milk Motion does event specific items and then DOES NOT put them in the store…or Marketplace. For example, the MM Mina dress was TDRF only, which means I cannot get the Red or Green ones. It makes me want to un-squee and go on a roaring rampage of revenge on designers that do things like put boxes in boxes or not release their event items in their store AFTER the event.

    As for the truth colors….sigh. There are fewer of them now. I don’t have too much trouble since Red05 is close enough to the old Blood…but I have a saying: If you have something that works…don’t mess it up!

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