You Fill Me With Ennui

“One receives as reward for much ennui, despondency, boredom –such as a solitude without friends, books, duties, passions must bring with it –those quarter-hours of profoundest contemplation within oneself and nature. He who completely entrenches himself against boredom also entrenches himself against himself: he will never get to drink the strongest refreshing draught from his own innermost fountain.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

When I was a young girl I was a voracious reader and often encountered words in print before I heard them spoken. “Ennui” was one of those words and to this day I have to stop myself from thinking en-you-aye as the way to pronounce it. So when Sabrina and I first found Lassitude & Ennui eight years ago she teased me about shopping at NUI. Thankfully there was no voice then.

It’s shocking to realize I have been buying from Jackal Ennui for eight years. When I first started wearing accessories from Lassitude & Ennui my avatar looked a little something like this:

Salome 1.0 With Ennui

Salome 1.0 With Ennui

That is pretty much Salome 1.0, including:
Paris Passport Skin, Starley Thereian (date lost)
Flower Child Hair, Lash Xevious (date lost)
Mule With Pom Pom (Rose / Rose), Jackal Ennui (April 17th, 2006)
Juliet Camisole, Janie Marlowe (January 09, 2006)
Cuffed Capris, Starley Thereian (December 13, 2005)
Salome Choker, Jackal Ennui (date lost)

I cannot stress to you enough that this outfit represented the height of casual fashion in its time. Bare Midriff Disease was rampant. You can mock the shoes, but they were darling and I do not have a current pair of fluffy mules that are worth wearing (marabou in SL is thin on the ground). That choker was a private commission for my *cough* birthday. It’s still one of my favorite things. It should be noted there isn’t a single sculpt on it — there are over 100 itty bitty tormented prims, however. I can’t imagine how much work she put into it, but I remember she charged me far less than I thought I should pay and she even argued with me over taking that.

These days, when I shop at Lassitude & Ennui, my avatar looks a bit more like this:

Lassitude & Ennui Dresses

Lassitude & Ennui Dresses

From left to right, these dresses are: the Patience Dress, the Gothic Doll Corset Dress, the Naiad Sundress. I suspect all of these are textured from rigged mesh templates, but if that’s wrong I’ll correct. Unlike most recolors, they feature the lush texturing Jackal is known for. That’s right, kids, Jackal was one of the first creators to teach the grid to squee and her textures were a big factor in her quality creations.

Naiad Dress & Knotted Pearls

Naiad Dress & Knotted Pearls

My favorite is the Naiad Sundress which I picked up at Fantasy Fair off a little rack in the back. Subtle and feminine with a sophisticated yet slinky shape, it appeals to me on a girly girl level. In addition to the highlights and shading there is also a very important element that is often missing from recolors and that is the trim. It’s not a jump-out-at-you fact, but realistic trim, piping, and hems are frequently the difference between high quality work and throw-away copycat trash. In this case, a breezy floral print is nicely accented with satin ribbon edging with just a hint of shine. Jackal has always been a wiz at pearls and this long, knotted rope boasts her usual luster.

Editor’s Note: I still have folders of Ennui jewelry from early grid days. I keep it for blackmail.

Lassitude & Ennui Gothic Doll Corset Dress Detail

Lassitude & Ennui Gothic Doll Corset Dress Detail

The Gothic Doll Corset Dress was the featured item from L&E at Fantasy Fair and I got…a few of them. Yes, I have a Gothic Lolita problem. I’m working on it.

We are starting to see a trend in Summer with dresses and other clothing items that feature a sheer overdrape. This is a style that I love in my real life wardrobe, so I am thrilled to have it in mesh SL. I know that white and black are the hardest colors to work with in SL, and so it is not really a big ding for me that the decorative elements on the dress texture sometimes come off as flat. It is unfortunate that the richness of the colored fabric stands out so abruptly from the filigree designs and trim. If you zoom in, you can see that every attempt was made to give it texture, and that effort pays off much better on the laces of the corset where you can see the sheen of the satin strings. And yes, those are laces strung through grommets, not just textures. Yummy.

The jacket is sold separately and sits a tiny bit high on the throat for my avatar, but the dress can also be worn without it. I’d definitely try a demo on the jacket.

Ennui, Truth & Pitanga

Ennui, Truth & Pitanga

The Patience Dress is currently being offered at Zodiac (which I’m still banned from). I really love the watercolor lovliness of it, even if I don’t need another sleeveless maxi dress. Yes, yes, I got it anyway, but I didn’t need it. And why? Because unlike most of the sleeveless maxi’s I’ve got, this mesh isn’t the template that is practically falling off the breasts. So if you’re gonna grab a new maxi, this is the one. I had to go down to an XXS from my normal XS in order to get a proper fit so you may want to swap about with demos to make sure. It’s definately intended for busty avatars, it seems to me. Again, here, I adore the sheer overskirt with satin trim at the hem. Although I choose to photograph this one in teal, the white is my favorite. I just don’t photograph whites well.

I accented Patience with the Pitanga Mardi Gras necklace and earring set from my friend, Sax Shepherd of Sax Shepherd Designs. Part of his SSD Frills jewelry line, this was an early sculpted offering. It was before he really started focusing on shiny metals and the gold isn’t realistic, but the bold colors of the set really pop against the bare décolletage this style of dress leaves one with. Besides, mardi gras beads are never made with real gold.

Like most every other girl on the grid, I hit the Truth sale and picked up oodles of styles including this Crys pony.

Truth Hair - Dolly

Truth Hair – Dolly

I also picked up this long pigtails style. It’s called Dolly, but it should have been called Hit Girl (or Mindy) because it reminds me of Chloë Grace Moretz wears in Kick-Ass.

As far as hair goes, however, I’m currently in love with Momo from Wasabi Pills:

Wasabi Pills - Momo

Wasabi Pills – Momo

I love the little stray wisps, the gather in the back, and even the big hair hump (okay so it makes me think of an Ancient Aliens episode, but who cares). I wasn’t a big fan of Wasabi Pills early mesh offerings, but they are neck and neck with Truth right now as far as I’m concerned when it comes to mesh quality.

GOS & SLink Shoes

GOS & SLink Shoes

I can’t get started on SL shoes without doubling the size of this post. There are many exciting things happening and I’m trying to hold my tongue and wait to see what comes of a few rumors I’m hearing. But there’s little doubt that SLink and GOS are two brands to beat.

There’s a quiet little sale going on at SLink right now and the two styles from them I’m wearing above are for the older non-enhanced mesh feet. I have both the Two Strap Pumps and the Ilena Sandals in many colors. I don’t consider the shoes themselves to be the best in SL. Several creators in SL offer better shoes than these, but they work in tandem with the feet and that ease of use is worth the trade-off to me. Most SLink shoes of this kind are a B-/C+ in my book with some tradeoffs in the sophistication of shape and texturing. But the feet are still, in my opinion, the best in Second Life and for me A feet and B- shoes are my combo preference. I’m all about the cuteness of the toes.

The opposite situation exists for me with the GOS Marilyn Sandals. While GOS has always offered some of the best shoes in Second Life, the brand has struggled to present feet that competed. His current mesh feet are good, again a solid B-/C+ in my opinion, but they’re not quite there yet for me. I find the toes to be sausage-like and stiff. This has long been my complaint with N-Core and J’s and it’s why I don’t own more offerings from those brands. I have only tried the barefeet in demo, however, so it’s possible they go to the next level with the full release. I’m not willing to spend the L$ on that gamble.

That said, GOS shoes are A+ out of the park hits and if you care more about the shoe than the toes, or if you’re not as much of a picky snit as I am about cute toes, they should be your perfect cuppa.

I’m biting my tongue on GOS‘s recent change in pricing, but this new line is still evolving so I’m going to see what shakes out. Suffice to say, I was hugely disappointed that they didn’t follow their previous price structure on repeat purchases of similar items.

So there you have it. Something old, something new, nothing borrowed and lots of blue.

Where Does She Get Those Wonderful Toys:

Patience Dress – L$180
Naiad Sundress – L$280
Gothic Doll Corset Dress – L$280
Gothic Doll Jacket – L$140
Knotted Pearls Necklace – L$100
Lassitude & Ennui

Mardi Gras Pitanga Jewelry Set – L$99
Sax Shepherd Designs (Frills)
Store | Marketplace

Marilyn Sandals – L$795

Two Strap Pumps – L$315 (Normally L$450)
Ilena Sandals – L$210 (Normally L$300)

Dolly Hairstyle
Crys Hairstyle
Truth Hair

Momo Hairstyle
Wasabi Pills

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