I Have To Tell You Something: We Remember You Well At The Stanley Hotel

“It used to be a good hotel, but that proves nothing – I used to be a good boy” ~ Mark Twain

Grace & Salome: I Have To Tell You Something
Episode Ten: We Remember You Well At The Stanley Hotel

In this episode Grace and I talk about the hotel that inspired the Shining, how she’s afraid of scary movies, and the best entrepreneurial idea ever: domestication of the undead.

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Episode Notes:
1. Our brief hiatus was Grace’s fault. She has a grown up job that makes her fly around the country and hinders recording. Important to remember: not my fault.
2. The song Plain Jane and Proud Elizabeth is about Jane Eyre and Elizabeth Bennet. Gods wept.
3. Grace is a big wuss who can’t watch horror movies. She has never seen Friday the 13th, Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Ring, Saw, or, you know, any of those other movies we’ve all seen. She’s seen The Blair Witch Project, The Shining and like 20 minutes of The Exorcist. The part she cut out of the tape is where she asked if Fatal Attraction counts as horror. Not even kidding.
4. Just the sight of The Exorcist steps still freak me right the fuck out, and I understand why they are photo #1 in the Smithsonian’s Real Places Behind Famously Frightening Stories gallery.
5. Yes, I need new glasses. Shut up.
6. The Stanley Hotel really does kinda look a little like Disney’s Grand Floridian.
7. Grace was being mean and trying to scare us about a bacon shortage. This is why we can’t have nice Internets.
8. Although I remember taking a tour of an elaborately built Overlook Hotel in early SL days, I cannot find any photos of it or remember who built it. Any oldies out there remember it well?

Series Note: Several years ago, Grace suggested we do a podcast together. I made a website and everything. Then we both realized we didn’t have the time and we both hated the sounds of our speaking voices. But the idea seems like fun now, so this new feature will be mirrored both here on SalomeSays and on Grace’s Phasing Grace blog (although mine will likely be posted earlier because Grace has a grown up job). We’re shooting for one each Tuesday on lighthearted but geek-crucial topics. We are also shooting for 2-5 minute podcasts, but are happy when it just stays under ten. I am working with a therapist to learn to not yap like a purse dog and take a breath so Grace can have a turn to speak. There may need to be some sort of electroshock involved.

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