Red Sequin Bow Dress

“Gossip is just news running ahead of itself in a red satin dress.” ~ Liz Smith

Red Sequin Bow Evening Dress With Puff Skirt

Red Sequin Bow Evening Dress With Puff Skirt

Pssst. You. The guy making all the mesh templates. I can haz dress? Please?

Thankee sai.

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4 Responses to Red Sequin Bow Dress

  1. Yes, Dress! Want Now!

    Though I was getting a little bit tired of seeing the same dress at several different stores at vintage fair.

    Also, you said “Thankee-sai”….Squee!


  2. bre says:

    similar to celoe

  3. Salome says:

    Um. No. The Celoe dress linked above looks like a pretty standard babydoll dress. It’s cute and sweet, but I have dozens of babydolls.

    Huge differences:

    1. The dress I pictured has a bubble skirt; the Celoe dress has a common gathered skirt.
    2. The Celoe dress has a significant cinch sash waist; the dress I pictured has no transition from the skirt to the ruched bodice.
    3. The dress I pictured has a sweetheart neckline; the Celoe dress has a deep V.
    4. The Celoe dress has little more than a spaghetti string bow and straps; the dress I pictured makes far more significant use of those elements.

    Really other than “short” and “red” I see almost no similarity between the two.

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