I Have To Tell You Something: Mars Ethics

“I’m moving to Mars next week, so if you have any boxes…” ~ Stephen Wright

Grace & Salome: I Have To Tell You Something
Episode Six: Mars Ethics

In this episode we get our Mars geekification on, including ponderings about the Curiosity landing and the ethics of the Mars One project.

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Episode Notes: I want to make one things perfectly clear: I do not watch any show that has a Snooki. In fact, I found out about Snooki in the same way I found out about Pokemon and Dog the Bounty Hunter — through episodes of South Park. However, I do watch reruns of Frasier on Lifetime and they air strange and disturbing promos for things like Dance Moms and some wet horror staring one of the Palins. I also watch reruns of South Park on Comedy Central, which, as part of the MTV networks stations, airs promos for shows that do feature Snooki and other icky things. All of this was explained (in an albeit, rambling manner) but removed due to Grace ninja editing. My reality show consumption is composed of some Survivor and Amazing Race (if the contestants don’t completely repulse me in the first couple episodes) and the blind audition episodes of The Voice (on fast forward). I’m old and cranky and I can’t spend my life yelling at the television, unless football is involved. Thankee.

Series Note: Several years ago, Grace suggested we do a podcast together. I made a website and everything. Then we both realized we didn’t have the time and we both hated the sounds of our speaking voices. But the idea seems like fun now, so this new feature will be mirrored both here on SalomeSays and on Grace’s Phasing Grace blog (although mine will likely be posted earlier because Grace has a grown up job). We’re shooting for one each Tuesday on lighthearted but geek-crucial topics. We are also shooting for 2-5 minute podcasts, but are happy when it just stays under ten. I am working with a therapist to learn to not yap like a purse dog and take a breath so Grace can have a turn to speak. There may need to be some sort of electroshock involved.

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