Why. I. Hate. People.

“Frustration is the wet nurse of violence.” ~ David Abrahamsen

I knew better than to ask for a refund.

Salome (salome.strangelove): Hello X. I purchased your full perm Y but it did not include the textures for the sculpt. I was wondering if I could get the texture so I could edit out the —? I want to edit it to only be the —.
X: hello. Unfortunately, I do not sell textures.
Salome (salome.strangelove): You made a custom full perm sculpt and didn’t provide a sample texture for people to use as a template. Is it possible to at least get the texture no-transfer so I can make my own template?
X: I do not understand
Salome (salome.strangelove): If you do not sell the texture full perm. Do you give them no-transfer? Or not at all?
X: I do not have permission to sell this texture.
Salome (salome.strangelove): May I ask where you got it so I can contact the source, then?
X: sorry
X: it is my friend. work only for me
Salome (salome.strangelove): I am not looking to resell it. I want to use it for a build. I don’t mind buying it with limited permissions.
X: texture can not be sold with limited rights. it does not work.
Salome (salome.strangelove): It does work, you just have to drag it on instead of using the texture box.
X: sorry no
Salome (salome.strangelove): You are unwilling to sell me the texture because you do not have permission and unwilling to let me know its source, but you are comfortable selling a full perm product without a texture template?

[ten minutes later]

Salome (salome.strangelove): Thank you for your time. I will try another way.
X: yw

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  1. Pau
    Posted July 22, 2012 at 7:31 PM | Permalink

    Mmm…interesting. I really would like to know if was stated (on the MP ítem description or the in-world vendor) that the textures for the fullperm sculpties also were included on the box? that’s a valuable information …Anyway seems that the merchant has been polite in the response, what is wrong?

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