*** UPDATE: Please read Gala’s latest blog post on this topic ***

I have to give fair warning on this post. It’s going to be long. Like…crazy cat lady long. It’s going to include chat logs with names which I normally refuse to post, except that since these logs are from a public group chat I don’t feel any ethical problem posting them. If you disagree you may want to remove me from your feeds about now. If you have my generation’s MTV attention span you will also want to skip this one.

I have been trying to gather information regarding what I consider to be a terrifyingly important issue for the future of SL content creation — the Curio/Hush situation. I’ve tried to separate the things I’ve gathered into categories like Facts, Side Issues, Common Sense Conclusions, etc. In the section relating to facts, I’ve attempted to keep everything as neutral as possible. You may want to just read that area. Otherwise my snark and opinions will be scattered all over the rest.

Before we get into all that:

One Voice:
Gala Phoenix Legal Defense Fundraising Event

Vivienne Graves is organizing a One Voice event to help Gala Phoenix raise legal funds to deal with issues I’ve blogged previously and will be updating/going over here. As I understand it, Truth Hawkes has donated a SIM to host the event which will take place from July 9 – 15th. Many major names, such as League, Glam Affair, Belleza, One Bad Pixel, Truth, Exile, Gos, Luck Inc, Laqroki, Aura, Bare Rose, etc are participating. Participants will be given the option to donate 50% – 100% of their sales to the cause. Bloggers interested in participating should contact Sophia Harlow.

Gala Phoenix is not officially associated with this event, but she has been informed that the proceeds collected will be given to her for her defense. This is not a plea from Gala for financial compensation, but a united demonstration from many of SL’s top designers to show their support.

I do not normally get involved with charity or fundraising events in Second Life for many reasons:

~ I resent the way a lot of people use a charity as a means of drumming up attention/business for themselves.
~ I often find the charity itself gets belittled while drama flares up over some event-related stupidity
~ Charities are often used as a shaming/bullying device by people who have no other means to make themselves feel important
~ Donating a few bucks directly to the official charity site often generates more than buying some badly made hunk of virtual junk that “donates” a percentage to the charity
~ I rarely, if ever, trust that all the money is going to the right place
~ For smaller/personal charities, I often do not find enough information is provided to convince me of the need for the event
~ Sometimes I just don’t care that person X needs Y dollars because of reason Z
~ I think constantly draining funds from SLers over menial or unnecessary causes leaves less to be collected by those who are organizing genuine events for important needs
~ I think the vast majority of laggy SIM events are outdated and stupid

Although I will generally pass along information about events from sources I trust, I rarely, if ever participate. I am participating in this. Those of you who know me can kindly get up off the floor now. I would also like to say that if you’re not interested in any of the merchandise or attending the event and want to make a straight donation, you should drop your donation directly onto Gala Phoenix avatar, although it is my understanding that donation kiosks will be at the landing point of the event.

Full disclosure: Vivienne Graves is a friend of mine and has been for several years in SL. She will be the first to tell you that I would have no problem telling her no if I didn’t support her cause.

Just in case you live under a virtual rock, here is a far too lengthy run down of the events leading us here.

What We Know
Although I’ve had no direct contact with Gala Phoenix or Hush Darkrose/Verikal Vargas there is a chain of events that observers of this topic can distinguish from all the rabble, rabble rabble. The below points are the closest things that can be called facts at this time.

1. On or around the 25th of May, a blog post appeared from Hush Darkrose on the Hush Skins blog (the original link was but has since been removed). A screen capture was taken before the post was removed (a transcript appears on my previous post on this issue). In the post, Hush stated that Curio had been stealing content from Hush for at least 3 years. The post stated a court had ordered an injunction against Curio to remove all infringing content.

2. On or about this same date, Gala Phoenix was banned from logging in while the majority of her store vendors were returned to her inventory. A customer service agent employed by the Curio SIM closed the SIM to visitors while the staff figured out what to do. Gala Phoenix was able to log back in a few days later. On or about this same date, Gala Phoenix was issued a 7-day ban due to the fact that she did not realize she had been issued a take-down order that could not be answered as false via a basic DMCA counter filing. During this ban, her vendors, a portion of her store build, and portions of the SIM landscaping were deleted (not returned to her inventory).

3. On May 25th, Gwen Carillon (founder of the Content Creator’s Association) made a post on SLU, claiming:
First: I have seen the court docs in question. They are real. Hush has been transparent in all her dealings.
Second: This is not a DMCA. This is a Supreme Court Injunction directing Linden Lab to remove infringing content. The docs are not what those in US are familiar with since this was issued from Canada. The word “wilful” might have been a typo, or it may be an alternate spelling. The injunction is the result of copyright registration shown and evidence submitted to the court. This was a court order, not a DMCA take down.

Despite the attempts of others to get more information, Gwen Carillon has remained publicly silent since her single posting on this issue.

4. On May 31st, an anonymous blog posted images that indicated there were several artifacts of Gala Phoenix watermarks on Hush Skin Demos. Following the posting of these images, many individuals confirmed the findings for themselves and posted their discoveries in various venues (forums, etc). Because admitting to verifying this information is admitting to violating Second Life Terms of Service Agreement, confirmation is considered by some to be a suspect act.

5. On June 5th, the anonymous Excinerator blog also made another post showing what appears to be a League watermark on a newer Hush skin release.

6. On June 6th, Gala posted a brief statement on the Curio website, affirming her innocence and maintaining that this entire situation is the result of a vindictive response from an individual who was reported for infringement.

7. Hush disappeared from the grid for a brief time as did the vendors selling the skins indicated to contain a League watermark, but both the Hush account and the vendors appear to have been returned.

8. Despite many individuals searching multiple public records databases in the US and Canada, no one has been able to locate a court ordered injunction regarding this issue. No one has provided this information in a public format — which would be a matter of public record — to end the rumors and speculation.

9. Gala Phoenix remains unable to sell her work and her SIM remains closed.

10. Hush is still open.

As far as I know, none of the above statements are in dispute. Please feel free to leave corrections in the comments section.

I am putting a blog cut here. Read on only if you can handle ugly drama issues and crazy cat lady length information details.

Rumors From Reliable Sources
This section is for information I have heard from reliable sources — defined as people I trust to tell me the truth. I don’t expect anyone else to take them at face value and encourage everyone to consider them as they would any other rumor.

1. Curio issued a DMCA against Hush first. Hush responded with a counter and then took the extra step of filing an intent to file an injunction with a Canadian court.
2. League issued a DMCA gainst Hush. Hush responded with a counter and told League to “sue me.”
3. Prior to this (as in a couple years back), Verikal Vargas (Hush Darkrose) was confronted about using stolen Truth Hawks sculpt maps in Vixen Hair creations. Verikal/Hush claimed to have purchased the sculpt maps from another source, but could not remember the source. The hair using the offending sculpts was removed from sale.

Common Sense Conclusions
1. There is no logical reason Gala or League watermarks should be visible on Hush skins or demos. Even if there was some possible explanation, it has not, as of yet, been offered. As of right now, until something else comes to light, all available evidence points to Hush skins being unauthorized derivatives of Curio and League skins.

2. As it currently appears, Hush has been able to bar Curio from selling products based on the mere claim of intending to seek court involvement outside US borders.
Vaki Zenovka, a lawyer who takes keen interest in copyright and virtual goods legal cases and often gives talks on the subject in SL (and, I’ve since learned, is now Gala’s attorney), took part in the 50+ page long thread about this issue on SLU. In it, she made a very important observation:

Let’s talk about the DMCA. The DMCA — the takedown and counter-notice part, anyway — is found in 17 USC 512. Now, bear in mind that this section is all about service providers, like Linden Labs, and it’s talking about the things they have to do to qualify for safe harbor from infringement actions. Let’s look specifically at 17 USC 512(g)(2)(C). It says that a service provider who has removed someone’s content will not be liable for removing that content, provided that it:

replaces the removed material and ceases disabling access to it not less than 10, nor more than 14, business days following receipt of the counter notice, unless its designated agent first receives notice from the person who submitted the notification under subsection (c)(1)(C) that such person has filed an action seeking a court order to restrain the subscriber from engaging in infringing activity relating to the material on the service provider’s system or network.

What does that mean? It means that on receipt of a counter-notice, a service provider (like Linden Labs) has to return content within 10-14 business days, unless it receives notice of a court action seeking a court order. LL doesn’t need an injunction. It only needs a court action.

[Emphasis mine]

As Gala’s vendors have not been returned and there is no record of an injunction being filed, it is the logical conclusion that Gala’s current situation is the result of nothing more than a notice of intent from a foreign country. There is no proof that anyone has had a day in court.

3. Linden Lab has possibly violated their own guidelines by accepting an international court filing. If Gala filed a DMCA first and Hush filed a counter, Linden Lab’s own DMCA page states the counter-claimant must:
State that you consent to the jurisdiction of Federal District Court for the judicial district in which you reside (or San Francisco, California if your address is outside of the United States).

So, if Gala filed first and Hush countered, wherein Hush agreed to US Federal jurisdiction, why has a Canadian court document been honored by Linden Lab in this case? Granted, this pertains to DMCA (which is my understanding always handled in US Federal jurisdiction) and not necessarily to IP civil issues. But Linden Lab’s own TOS also says:
13.1 Second Life is a United States-based service.
Linden Lab makes no representation that any aspect of the Service is appropriate or available for use outside of the United States.

So this is baffling. What we can draw from this is:
1. Gala’s vendors should not have been removed by a Canadian intent letter as part of DMCA procedure because the jurisdiction would be US Federal only.
2. Linden Lab is choosing to act on a letter of intent from a foreign country which has no court action behind it, even though all their own TOS and documentation asserts US jurisdiction in all cases.
3. If Linden Lab is acting on an actual court ordered injunction, there is no record of it on any publicly available database.

(This is the part that opens up the door to dogs and cats living together — mass hysteria.)

Why This Matters
If Gala Phoenix is the original creator of all her work, then she has been barred from selling her products for over a month now. She has lost her Second Life income while still being required to pay for her Second Life holdings. All of this may be based on nothing more than an act of obstruction by a competitor who seems to demonstrate a history of obtaining source material from places that bear questionable provenance.

A. Creators. If this precedent holds, as a content creator you will need to come to terms with the reality that the next tiff with a belligerent customer and/or competition with another creator you’re unaware of could result in an instance such as this. Someone filing a court document of mere intent (not action, just intent) in a foreign country will be enough justification for Linden Lab to remove your goods from the grid until you put forth the expense, time, and effort to remedy the situation. Regardless of whether you’re able to recover expenses, your tier and other fees will be due to Linden Lab while this issue is under review. Let’s say that one more time: anyone in any country with an intent to file form gets to obstruct your business indefinitely.

B. Consumers. If you’re a consumer who enjoys the diversity and quality of products Second Life has to offer, you should be concerned about how this may affect the future of content creation. Even the most successful creators in SL do not make beyond a middle class living;; the vast majority of creators sell items for only a small secondary income source. If creators are made to feel their work can be banned without just cause and/or that they will have to incur the expense of international litigation just to be able to sell their products, you can bet your bobby socks there will be far fewer people looking to create. Second Life already has a bad reputation with professional creators for harboring theft, adding the reputation that they allow nuisance suits to remove legitimate creators will not go over well.

None of this is intended as scare tactic, and I certainly don’t mean to imply that simply because you’re concerned about this issue that you should participate in the One Voice fundraiser. But if you’ve been waving this issue off as Second Life fashionista dramaz, you might want to spend a little time fretting about it. I don’t mind telling you that it has been a sobering issue for me and, as someone who continues to hope against hope that Second Life will continue on, I find this entire situation chilling.

I intend to keep compiling and providing information here on my blog as any comes to light if for no other reason that is gives me a place to keep everything together.

Side Issues
A couple side issues have arisen from this scandal. While they have mostly served as distractions from what I consider to be more important matters, they are significant and worth mentioning.

1. Skin Addiction Group Fail
It did not escape the notice of group members that the timing of this issue came up just as Hush skins were getting a lot of promo from moderators of the Skin Addiction group and the Skin Showcase — an event organized by those individuals. Group chat logs show the moderators of the group making statements in support of Hush while bullying members who raised questions or expressed disbelief that Curio could be guilty of theft.

This raises questions over the group’s ability to remain a neutral aggregation of information (the group’s stated cause is to keep consumers aware of new skin releases) when they must also be concerned with collecting fees from designers for their events as well as promoting featured designers over others. Hush was in attendance at the Skin Showcase event as a featured creator at the event’s landing point.

Lest you feel this was just a few badly behaved moderators, Voshie Paine, the founder of Skin Addiction had this to say:

[2012/05/24 17:03] Master Source: ive heard of vixen hair
[2012/05/24 17:03] Voshie Paine: tams it is true
[2012/05/24 17:03] Tamsin Starbrook: no words
[2012/05/24 17:03] Tamsin Starbrook: I am
[2012/05/24 17:03] Sparkysgal Blackheart: i have alot the hair hiding in my mess inve now lol.
[2012/05/24 17:03] Ramses Meredith: tamsin of coruse now i go and i place some mumbers that dont’ exist abotu ruling that was never made just for fun
[2012/05/24 17:03] Tamsin Starbrook: for reals vosh?
[2012/05/24 17:04] Ramses Meredith: tamsin las allow u to take a copy of the court papers
[2012/05/24 17:04] Tamsin Starbrook: you can write what ever you want on your blog. that doesn’t make it true
[2012/05/24 17:04] Voshie Paine: A court made a decision……. everyone bitches about how if somebody copybots that they need to take action and yet when they do, you still don’t believe. WTF will it take you guys to start believing?
[2012/05/24 17:04] Voshie Paine: and since when is gala fucking god?
[2012/05/24 17:04] Anabella Ravinelli: I second that Voshie
[2012/05/24 17:04] Liliandra Baxter: I think we should let Hush and gala settle things.
[2012/05/24 17:04] Voshie Paine: everyone makes mistakes.

On June 6, 2012, a notecard was sent to the Skin Addiction group from Vosh, which read:

Hi all,

I am going to state this once and only once. This group was created with the idea of having all your skin makers in one spot. I also loved the idea of helping each other out, and is a huge aspect of the group that I have come to love.

However. This is NOT the place to bring in drama. There is to be NO chat on any potential legal issues involving ANY maker or not. The rules clearly state: “We do not love members disparaging our skin designers or any other content creators in this group.” (Rules and Mission « Skin Addiction)

If you feel the need to discuss some of the current situations, there are plenty of platforms to do it on. THIS is NOT one of them. If it continues after this warning, chat will be shut down for a period of time.

I don’t want this to happen, but designers are in this group to share their designs with us, not for the drama.

I love you all, I really do, and I know we all have strong feelings, just keep them to yourself in Skin Addiction’s chat.


Presumably she and the other moderators decided to take their own advice and keep their feelings to themselves on the topic after they had their say and collected their fees.

It should be noted that members were kicked from the group for asking questions about the Hush/Curio topic and pointing out the one-sidedness of the group’s actions on this topic. This happened despite the group’s Rules and Mission page which encourages members to talk about skins so long as the tone remains calm and there is no active disparaging of creators.

To the best of my knowledge no one at Skin Addiction has apologized for their shameful handling of the situation. I welcome a correction in the comments if that happened after I left the group.

Hush Darkrose was, apparently, removed from the group at some point after I left. I cannot confirm if she was removed or left of her own accord, but indications seem to be it had something to do with the League issue and not the Curio issue.

Vosh asked to be allowed to join and is now participating in the One Voice fundraising event for Gala. One assumes she mistook the event for supporting “gall” as opposed to “gala,” but that’s simply my own theory.

Here’s a novel idea. When you open your mouth and your ass comes out, apologize and show a little humility instead of harassing your members and trying to silence them.

2. Content Creator’s Association
Remember way back in the facts section when we pointed out that “artist” Gwen Carillon made a post on SLU saying she’d seen the legal documents and this was all legit, but hasn’t been around since the damning photos of the watermarks were posted? So here we have another group — this one a group that claims to be all about supporting content creators and protecting their IP — where the group founder has come out boldly to defend Hush and then crawled back under their rock of silence.

The not-updated-since-2009 site reads:
CCA ‘s goals are to support, inform and assist creators in protection of original content and other content related issues. We are stronger together. Let’s stay positive. We can work together to insure SL remains a haven for creativity. “Witch hunts” and personal attacks are discouraged and will result in a member being ejected from this group. CCA policy: Innocent until proven guilty.

Oh, where to begin. Let’s start with the fact that Hush Darkrose is still in the group. One assumes that’s because of that whole innocent until proven guilty thing. However, the “proof” part of that raises an interesting question. How would anyone prove anything one way or the other? How about stolen watermarks posted on a public blog and independently confirmed by several sources? No? Well then, I guess that’s those court documents that were shown. Except any attempt to get a case number on the “Supreme Court Injunction directing Linden Lab to remove infringing content” can’t be found and all attempts to get the case number go unanswered. Since court proceedings are generally a matter of public record that’s a bit…odd.

This group having any validity was always a bit…amusing. At this point it seems clear it’s a vanity group without any way to carry out its stated purpose. Which did not stop the group founder from voluntarily weighing in on this issue.

3. Harper Beresford (Also related to 1, but entertaining enough to be its own subject)
Having been forced to interact socially with Harper a couple years ago, I would like to say I can offer an unbiased opinion of her actions in this matter, but that would be a fib. Anyone reading this section should know I have a mild bias against her and find it kind of entertaining when her hypocrisy and ego are laid bare before the court of opinion. Entertaining or not, I would prefer to let others highlight her blunders, but unfortunately she wiggled her bum into this issue right at the start and ignoring her part would be unfair after holding others to task.

Harper was a strong supporter of Hush Skins both on her blog and in the Skin Addiction group prior to the Hush/Curio scandal. She blogged Hush skins about a half dozen or so times leading up to the Skin Showcase event and used it in her high profile Marketplace Masquerade photo (which still appears splashed all over the Marketplace landing page as a constant reminder of this issue). She also removed several comments from her blog, without explanation, from individuals challenging why she was continuing to support Hush despite the growing controversy during the Skin Showcase event.

Harper, a moderator for Skin Addiction, shared the link to the Hush blog post in group chat not long after Hush first posted it and assumed the role of informing members that Curio was gone and that proof was the end of the story. If you need to see it in print to believe it, here are excerpts from the public group transcript:

[2012/05/24 16:07] Harper Beresford: and I am not going to give it to you because it will come out soon enough
[2012/05/24 16:07] Harper Beresford: Loona, you need to get the full story

[2012/05/24 16:07] Liliandra Baxter: Never had problems with her skins so I am happy
[2012/05/24 16:07] Pugbug Bing: which one is the hush demo?
[2012/05/24 16:08] Harper Beresford: boo
[2012/05/24 16:08] Harper Beresford: no blog links in here
[2012/05/24 16:08] Harper Beresford: well excepot me
[2012/05/24 16:08] Harper Beresford: let me share with you
[2012/05/24 16:08] Harper Beresford:

[2012/05/24 16:08] Harper Beresford: please read thkis
[2012/05/24 16:08] Liliandra Baxter: and that is why I love Harper.
[2012/05/24 16:09] salmenah: I’m lost ..what happened?
[2012/05/24 16:09] LittleOneRiver: i cant bring it up
[2012/05/24 16:10] Harper Beresford: this blog link explains some things.
[2012/05/24 16:10] Myndi Meredith: oh holy crap…
[2012/05/24 16:10] Liliandra Baxter: So is that why curio is not around?
[2012/05/24 16:10] Loona Deezul: thx but that hush store is new
[2012/05/24 16:10] Anabella Ravinelli: ouch
[2012/05/24 16:10] Loona Deezul: that avatar is 500 days old.
[2012/05/24 16:10] Harper Beresford: Read the whole thing
[2012/05/24 16:10] Anabella Ravinelli: read the post
[2012/05/24 16:10] Harper Beresford: this was a legally binding action. as in RL
[2012/05/24 16:10] Ramses Meredith: eh that’s why people dont’ have to follow a well know brand only…
[2012/05/24 16:10] Harper Beresford: as in RL courts
[2012/05/24 16:11] Ramses Meredith: but being sure abotu creativity
[2012/05/24 16:11] Harper Beresford: as in this is why you have to be careful what you think
[2012/05/24 16:11] Harper Beresford: and see and hear
[2012/05/24 16:11] Anabella Ravinelli: good for her for getting her stuff backed up and showing proof in RL
[2012/05/24 16:12] Ramses Meredith: but the worse part is that she had to do this
[2012/05/24 16:12] Anabella Ravinelli: yep
[2012/05/24 16:12] Anabella Ravinelli: I HATE thieves, but dont’ get me started, I won’t stop
[2012/05/24 16:13] Anabella Ravinelli: I equally hate those who accuse others of theft just to get the sales Glad that the courts helped her out here
[2012/05/24 16:13] Jewell Infinity: and i love the kelis skin kinda glad i got it already
[2012/05/24 16:13] LittleOneRiver: click click click! I cant get it!
[2012/05/24 16:13] Liliandra Baxter: Well I find it hard to dislike anyone…the problem seems to be getting resolved…hopefully we’ll have curio back one of these days and hopefully hush doesn’t go anywhere
[2012/05/24 16:14] Adora Whitesong: eeek what’s happened?
[2012/05/24 16:14] AngeliqueLaAngel: curio has left sl?
[2012/05/24 16:14] o0Nani0o Adored: what?
[2012/05/24 16:14] o0Nani0o Adored: what?
[2012/05/24 16:15] Anabella Ravinelli: well hate is a strong word, I don’t mean I hate the person, I hate what they do when that happens
[2012/05/24 16:15] Ramses Meredith: no curio seem have copybotted skins
[2012/05/24 16:15] Nadja Baxter: lol thats a joke
[2012/05/24 16:15] Nadja Baxter: be carefully what you say
[2012/05/24 16:15] Anabella Ravinelli: its real Nadja courts proved
[2012/05/24 16:15] salmenah: but a lot of skins look alike so how do they know?
[2012/05/24 16:15] Ramses Meredith: nadia i am carefull i explain why i told this word
[2012/05/24 16:15] Sparkysgal Blackheart: here what harper posted a min ago..
[2012/05/24 16:16] Sparkysgal Blackheart: [16:08] Harper Beresford: no blog links in here
[16:08] Harper Beresford: well excepot me
[16:08] Harper Beresford: let me share with you
[16:08] Harper Beresford:
[2012/05/24 16:16] Ramses Meredith: since he have used same things of hush he can have only copybotting the skin
[2012/05/24 16:16] Nadja Baxter: cala phonix is a great and wonderful skindesihner since 2005
[2012/05/24 16:16] Nadja Baxter: designer
[2012/05/24 16:16] salmenah: that’s not what it says…it say curio had an injuncetion put on hush
[2012/05/24 16:16] Liliandra Baxter: I never thought they looked alike to be honest but then again its been awhile since I actually bought a curio skin
[2012/05/24 16:16] LittleOneRiver: ty Sparkysgal
[2012/05/24 16:16] Ramses Meredith: lili this show how many peopel think to love a skin more than another but are form same source
[2012/05/24 16:17] Ramses Meredith: i heard people telling curio skisn was better than hush skin but since are from same source…
[2012/05/24 16:17] Croon Nandahar: It’s fair to say that I’m completely freakin’ shocked.
[2012/05/24 16:17] Anabella Ravinelli: just makes me sick, i really loved curio skins
[2012/05/24 16:17] Liliandra Baxter: I didn’t say one was better than the other….I’ve just been a shopper at Hush more
[2012/05/24 16:18] Ramses Meredith: anabella well u have lvoe skin s fo somebody else then haha
[2012/05/24 16:18] o0Nani0o Adored: wow that is bonkers
[2012/05/24 16:18] AngeliqueLaAngel: thank you for the information im numb
[2012/05/24 16:18] Nadja Baxter: never hear anythink from hush skins
[2012/05/24 16:18] Anabella Ravinelli: haha I love skins from many places!
[2012/05/24 16:18] Ramses Meredith: sorry if i seem harsh but what is killing sl is all these dramatic situations that make many great creators to leave every day
[2012/05/24 16:18] Anabella Ravinelli: I agree Ramses
[2012/05/24 16:18] Jewell Infinity: Hush are always advertising
[2012/05/24 16:19] Nadja Baxter: cala was a imported skindesigner since years
[2012/05/24 16:19] Anabella Ravinelli: Hush used to be Vixen
[2012/05/24 16:19] Anabella Ravinelli: Vixen was around before Curio
[2012/05/24 16:19] Ramses Meredith: hush had to battle to show she was right
[2012/05/24 16:19] Jewell Infinity: wdf i say
[2012/05/24 16:19] Master Source: this stuff isnt killing sl. THere are juist not so many new people joining SL, which makes the amount of potentional customers lower..that makes it hard. Not some stuff here… that 99% of the customers are not aware of
[2012/05/24 16:19] Ramses Meredith: wdf means
[2012/05/24 16:19] salmenah: who knows if what the blog says is even true and it even went to court??
[2012/05/24 16:20] Arica Storaro: How come it takes a person 4 years (first release of Curio skins was in 2008 if I remember correctly, the current line) to realize her stuff was ‘stolen’? O.o I kinda don’t get that. Really? 4 years?
[2012/05/24 16:20] Jewell Infinity: typo lol
[2012/05/24 16:20] Nadja Baxter: oh wow this skinshowcase has a realy great start
[2012/05/24 16:20] Sparkysgal Blackheart: well im lost whats all going on. but i think it is best to leave it to the main ppl that was in it. and for all of us. we go on and buy the items we like………

later on:

2012/05/24 16:33] BellaRose Melody: does that mean any skin bought from curio will be removed from our inventory ?
[2012/05/24 16:33] Hideyuki Ichtama: More than likely, Bella.
[2012/05/24 16:33] Harper Beresford: no Bella
[2012/05/24 16:33] Harper Beresford: nono.. she directed them not to remove existing skins

[2012/05/24 16:33] Anabella Ravinelli: I’m going to delete mine just to be safe, I don’t know if they delete accounts or not that have that stuff? or do they just delete the stuff?
[2012/05/24 16:33] BellaRose Melody: I would be really mad,
[2012/05/24 16:33] Harper Beresford: but Curio can no longer sell
[2012/05/24 16:33] Harper Beresford: no they delete the stuff.. and do not panic

[2012/05/24 16:34] Anabella Ravinelli: ok lol
[2012/05/24 16:34] Harper Beresford: you legitimately spent money
[2012/05/24 16:34] Harper Beresford: and you did not know

[2012/05/24 16:34] Anabella Ravinelli: well i’m still going to delete it anyhow
[2012/05/24 16:34] Anabella Ravinelli: cause i won’t wear stolen skins

[2012/05/24 16:35] Harper Beresford: well Nadja.. do you think she didn’t have compelling evidence?
[2012/05/24 16:36] Harper Beresford: the proof is
[2012/05/24 16:36] Harper Beresford: the skins are off the grid for sale
[2012/05/24 16:36] Harper Beresford: end of story

2012/05/24 16:38] Harper Beresford: they are off the grid for sale
[2012/05/24 16:38] Nadja Baxter: i don´t belive that
[2012/05/24 16:38] Master Source: where?
[2012/05/24 16:38] Harper Beresford: well go look, Nadja
[2012/05/24 16:38] Harper Beresford: Go to curio

[2012/05/24 16:38] Sparkysgal Blackheart: go look thre nothing there …..
[2012/05/24 16:38] Harper Beresford: go to truth
[2012/05/24 16:38] Master Source: other grids?
[2012/05/24 16:38] Master Source: the MP?
[2012/05/24 16:38] Harper Beresford: who knows
[2012/05/24 16:38] Harper Beresford: off mp yes

[2012/05/24 16:39] BellaRose Melody: oh yeah there a few places like SL..they could go to lol
[2012/05/24 16:39] Mackey Macchi: who was she stealing from so i can go buy from that person now >_>
[2012/05/24 16:39] BellaRose Melody: Hush
[2012/05/24 16:39] Master Source: hush skins
[2012/05/24 16:39] Master Source: (not even sure which store that is …ill just act like i know it)
[2012/05/24 16:39] Master Source: yeah..hush is good stuff!
[2012/05/24 16:39] Maxxi Toxx: lol
[2012/05/24 16:39] BellaRose Melody: which I didn’t think they looked the same, but apparently they were
[2012/05/24 16:40] aida Ewing: people…. Please open your eyes
[2012/05/24 16:40] Master Source: always get my stuff there!
[2012/05/24 16:40] Sparkysgal Blackheart: LM in my picks Master. can go check it out lol.
[2012/05/24 16:40] Master Source: cool.. Im gonna be such a hot hush chick soon when ive went there
[2012/05/24 16:40] Jewell Infinity: lol master
[2012/05/24 16:40] Sparkysgal Blackheart: hehe .. can i have pics? master
[2012/05/24 16:40] Ramses Meredith: aida are u going to do a strip tease?
[2012/05/24 16:40] Anabella Ravinelli: lol
[2012/05/24 16:41] Harper Beresford: let the courts take care of this… it’s a legal issue.. in RL
[2012/05/24 16:41] Harper Beresford: and it will do its work

[2012/05/24 16:41] Master Source: gossip is fun though

[Emphasis, Mine – some comments, not pertaining to the issue were removed from transcript]

Please note that at no time while Gala is being disparaged does anyone bring up the fact that such comments aren’t allowed in the group chat — just that Harper is the only one allowed to post links — which she does, to Hush’s now removed blog post. Also worth noting is Harper stating that “she” (meaning Hush) directed someone not to remove skins from people’s inventories. As that didn’t appear on the Hush blog, Harper was either communicating with psychic friends or was getting information from Hush.

When asked if Glam Affair pulled out of the Skin Addiction Showcase event due to Hush being allowed to display, Harper denied it, despite the Glam Affair creator making it clear that was the reason for their withdrawal.

Harper attempted to do a little clean-up PR by posting in the comments section of a blog that called her out the bad behavior in the Skin Addiction group. Harper states:

I would like to comment in reply.

I would like to say I supported and still support the process by which copyright laws work.

I was happy to see LL respond to a presumably legal document that was sent to Linden Lab on behalf of Hush against Curio. I am very skeptical Linden Lab would respond to anything except a fully legal injunction.

Now we have seen a separate legal injunction work against Hush when League took action. Clearly again it was legally done and supported by the courts. I understand that Hush’s work has been pulled for sale from the grid. I am glad to see this legal procedure work once again.

At no time did I disparage Gala Phoenix’s work nor Hush Darkstone’s. During all this time I have not truly known who is in the right. All I know is that legal action has been taken, and I champion that process.

I hope everyone respects Voshie’s right not to have the legal matters discussed in her chat in the Skin Addiction group. She has worked very hard on the Skin Showcase amidst all this trouble and has worked very hard to keep Skin Addiction together, building a community of folks who love skin content.

If you’re confused because you don’t see anything like “I’m sorry I was so quick to assume” or “I’m sorry if my hasty assumptions influenced other group members” or just “I’m sorry…” join the rest of us. We are, of course, assured that she did not disparage Gala Phoenix’s work. Which is correct. She didn’t say anything about Gala’s work. Except that it was proved stolen. So I guess she only disparaged Gala’s reputation by claiming the “poof” was in the removal of content from the grid and that was the end of the story. One assumed that makes her okay under the Skin Addiction group rules.

Apparently she didn’t learn any lessons from her RFL team’s Name-and-Shame fiasco. Here’s hoping this time around something sticks.

Issuing an apology: L$0
Keeping your mouth shut: L$0
Following your own group’s rules: L$0
Demonstrating a painful lack of integrity before your peers: PRICELESS

4. Jurisdiction Confusion
Who has jurisdiction over international IP disputes between two individuals? At what point does a service provider have to comply (I’m not talking about DMCA)? What courts will Linden Lab recognize as having authority over them and us? These issues seem important to Second LIfe, virtual worlds in general, the future of virtual goods and the creators of those goods. But no one seems to be able to answer these questions. Anyone else find that to be a big field of oopsie daises in full bloom and begging to be picked?

5. I Am a Racist
Against all logic, I registered on SLU to post on the huge thread about this issue. I did so because I kept getting people insisting I read things posted there and because it seems the vast majority of these posts were missing the enormity of the situation. In my post, I used the following lines:
“For those of you in the cheap seats, if what appears to have happened actually happened, then it’s open season on any SL creator. Any Joe Blow from Winkandasmile, Brazil can engage in bringing a complete halt to any vendor’s ability to sell their goods. For the high level content creators that means a serious bite out of the living they bring in for them and their families. For the small guys it may mean the difference between keeping a SIM and having to give it up. “

Following this post, an SLU member stated she didn’t like my citing a fictional place in Brazil. Hilarity ensued.

Originally Posted by AliceInChains Arun
I did not like the brazilian example.
Yes I’m brazilian, not everyone here copybot, not everyone live in favelas and oh, guess what, some of us spend alot of money in SL.

Originally Posted by SalStrange
I did not use a real place in Brazil for that very reason, and my initial post made no mention of favelas. Obviously there must be quite a few Brazilians who spend money in SL. Unfortunately, an awful lot of Brazilian based SIMs used to have a reputation for harboring stolen content. I’m sorry if that fact, or the fact that I made mention of it bothers you, but I wasn’t attempting to slam an entire country, just that demographic of it.

Following this clarification I was accused of offering half-assed apologies, not knowing what I was talking about, not knowing fact from rumor, being xenophobic, disparaging all Brazilians, having personal issues against Brazilians, being a racist and eating babies. And not just any babues. Gorean furry babies.

So, this is my blog and I’m going to clarify. A few years ago, I ran a texture store that was very popular. I sold my textures full perm so they wouldn’t be useless. Frequently I would log in to notecards from people telling me they had seen my textures for sale in other places. When I went to check it out, the vast majority of the SIMs I encountered where my textures were being resold were designed to cater to Brazilian residents. The people who owned the SIMs who communicated with me were frequently Brazilian. In comparing notes with other content creators we often found the same SIMs providing safe harbor for the same thieves over and over.

Those are personal experiences, but they are also facts. They actually happened. As opposed to being a play I watched about content theft or an urban legend I heard from a friend of a friend.

Ironically, the reason I knew the SIMs I encountered were Brazilian is because I’m familiar with many flavors of Latin Culture. Having grown up in Miami, I know the difference between Mexican culture, Cuban culture, Puerto Rican culture, South American cultures, Central American cultures, the Dominican Republic, and Spain. If someone speaks Spanish with an accent I don’t know, I assume they are Russian spies. For what it’s worth, even though it has nothing to do with Latin cultures, I can also tell a Trini from a Virgin Islands brat in five words or less.

A friend of mine from Brazil is fond of saying “you know, we are the New Jersey of South America, right?” To the best of my knowledge, laughing at that joke and repeating it to people who get it, is the extent of my racist views on Brazil. Okay, and laughing at Joe Rogan’s Toxoplasmosis stuff.

So you should all probably be aware of this gap in my credibility if you’re going to consider my crazy cat lady views on anything.

Crazy cat lady. Toxoplasmosis. See what I did there?

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  1. Misha Selene
    Posted July 3, 2012 at 7:32 PM | Permalink

    very well thought out, and cuts through the ton of rumors and dreck surrounding this issue. Thank you

  2. SadieMae
    Posted July 4, 2012 at 2:32 AM | Permalink

    I can’t beleive i read the whole thing, rubs eyes. hahahahahaha
    Im very confused about parts of this , but i need to say one thing. I have been in sL since 2004, Gala’s skins have been out there nearly as long as me and until this i never heard of HUsh….just a thing to make you go hmmmmmmmmm.
    Truth Hawks i have known a long time,
    Been buying stuff from league since she only had 4 total outfits for sale. My intution is telling me they are the victims in all this.
    Will be interesting to see how laws of 2 different countries get involved. I thought US law prevailed as Linden labs is in USA. At some point i have always felt there needs to be a worldwide internet court to handle when different countires are involved in an internet dispute. Hahahahaha i guess im the one that wants world peace too.
    My love and prayers go out to Gala…..Truth….The League…and anyone else hurt by these actions.

  3. Posted July 5, 2012 at 7:10 PM | Permalink

    A very well laid out timeline of events. Thanks for posting this Sal.

  4. Meg Box
    Posted July 5, 2012 at 7:54 PM | Permalink

    You’ve got to be kidding. Drama at its best. I knew there was a reason I left the Skin Addiction group… Annoying little snipes who judge without evidence. I have many Curio skins, many league skins and clothes, never heard of this Hush person. Doubtful we’ll ever get the truth. LL will perma-ban Gala, Hush will make an alt and carry on anew, nothing will be solved. If it could be scratch n’ sniff; it would smell less than rosey.

    Good luck Gala… hope to see you and your wares back in world soon.

  5. Posted July 6, 2012 at 2:08 PM | Permalink

    Hi, Salome. Great post — you’ve laid things out very well from what information you have. If you like — for disclosure’s sake — you might amend the sentence mentioning me to state that I am actually Gala’s attorney.

  6. Posted July 6, 2012 at 7:18 PM | Permalink

    Salome..just *wow* awesome, captivating editorial and a fabulous summary of events.

    You know it was Linden Lifestyles that got me into blogging. I always thought I was learning from the best, and that holds true to this day.

    Cannot wait for the events to kick off in support of Gala; hope it raises lots of juicy funds to give the girl her day in court and put this sorry mess behind her.

    And most importantly..get her back on the grid creating her wonderful skins again for all of her many fans. I’m proud to be included in that vast number.

    Kitty =^..^=

  7. Posted July 6, 2012 at 11:38 PM | Permalink

    I was able to obtain a copy of the copyright and complaint filed by Hush. Links are posted here:

  8. Sookie Ophelia Perlmann-Marbach
    Posted July 7, 2012 at 12:58 AM | Permalink

    I have NEVER EVER heard of Hush skins and I have been buying Curio since I first got here in 08….how can it be that everyone is so quick to believe that Gala is the offender? Really there is something called Due process, and until I see actual proof the skin I’m wearing is stolen content, I will stand behind my skin creator 150%

  9. Adora
    Posted July 7, 2012 at 12:48 PM | Permalink

    Wonderful post Salome, thank you

  10. Posted July 8, 2012 at 8:56 PM | Permalink

    That Linden Labs cannot issue any sort of public statement, at this time or any other time beyond Grid maintenance, is why I haven’t been active in SL for over a year. They make me sick when I think of this, don’t they have every advantage to support their long-term, revenue-generating content creaters? Is it any wonder that SL’s future could be at risk?

  11. Posted July 8, 2012 at 9:16 PM | Permalink

    You’re right, this was a very long post, but excellently done. Not that it’s needed in any way, but I can vouch for what Voshie said–over and OVER again–in the Skin Addiction group because I was still a member of the group when she said it.

    More than once.

    What kills me is that in all of this, Hush hasn’t had her vendors returned, hasn’t had her store on the Marketplace deleted, hasn’t been banned from her sim–even though she’s quite *clearly* at this point in the wrong, and even though Gala filed a DMCA first. That’s just baffling to me.

  12. Jaylah
    Posted July 9, 2012 at 8:33 AM | Permalink

    All i got to say is Go gala, i hope you win and i hope lindens perm band Hush from the grind for good. people need to learn form this, that lies and cheating and stealing others work will not get you a free pass to the hot spot, You got to work at being on gala lvl and stealing is not going to do that. so I wish you luck Gala and i back ya up 100%

    And another thing Hush should had been pulled out and her shop sent back also. because what is best for one should be best for both, and if they left her shop up they should had left Gala up also.

    If they really looked at facts Hush don’t have a leg to stand on and if it was not for the fact that LL closed down gala shop she would already had it settled in court and Hush would had to wright a formal apology to her for all the problems she has done and started before Ll perm banned her from Second life altogether. and Gala i hope you sue her for all the money lost and all the pain and suffering i’m sure your feeling, because its a sad day when someone work is demolished by a cheat and someone that has no common sense..

  13. sharmany
    Posted July 10, 2012 at 3:26 PM | Permalink

    Hello Salome!
    I’m sorry to say this but your comment using the Brazilian example was so very unhappy.

    At the time of emergence of copybot, I was on the front line to help combat and denounce thieves. There was much stolen content being sold in Brazilian SIMs, it can not be denied. But the vast majority of the stolen items were sold in mailands and sellers were not Brazilians avatars and the shops were often hidden sex lands.

    Brazil was the first (if not the only) country outside the U.S. have an official Second Life representation in real life, besides the Portuguese is one of the first languages ​​to receive the official translation of the platform site.

    The Brazilians have spent much money in Second Life, which justified the attention of Linden to Brazil. After all, why a company would spend time with an audience that does not give the returns compared to many other audiences, right?

    What happened instead was a witch hunt. Because of some Brazilian thieves the whole population of Brazilians in the SL was stigmatized. There were shops banning any Brazilian without any discretion.

    The number of Brazilians in the SL was great at the time (now not so much) and it upset some people who can not deal with diversity.

    The same war that was made against the Brazilians for selling stolen things, was not made ​​against the Americans, who believe it or not, who else were selling stolen things. I can say this because I helped in the search and denounces those offenders for months and months. While most persecuted and concentrated in Brazil, I ran the entire Second Life.

  14. Posted July 10, 2012 at 3:48 PM | Permalink


    I am sorry for the ignorance you and others may have encountered on this score. There is no excuse for being prejudiced against an entire nationality and anyone who banned on site was obviously an idiot. I do appreciate the frustration of stigma. I apologized to the initial poster in the SLU thread privately on the grounds that, although I didn’t feel there was anything wrong with what I’d said, I have no desire to cause grief or distress to someone based on their associations of identity.

    That said, I’m a just a gringa who grew up in a very multicultural environment and I don’t really care if someone calls me a racist. I know it’s not true and too many people use it as a default for “I don’t like what you said” as opposed to saving it for things that are actually racist, thus making the word fairly meaningless in casual conversation.

    However, I also personally believe that trying to erase history is self-defeating. The people I am friends with use things like this with humor to take ownership of the stereotype and control the debate. I appreciate that some people feel this is promoting rather than diffusing the stigma, but I do not feel that way and will not pretend to do so just to play nice with other people’s sensitivities. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings on purpose; I also don’t necessarily care if someone chooses to decide to dwell on being hurt instead of taking something clearly not intended to offend and just moving forward. Not all personal experiences allow people to move on, and I am sorry for anyone who was genuinely hurt by what I said, as opposed to just looking to vent over something that annoyed them.

    There is a difference between expressing empathy and being sorry you caused someone distress and being sorry for what you said. I feel it’s important to apologize only for things you truly feel sorry for. I’m sorry if something I said caused anyone to feel hurt or personally disparaged. I’m not, however, sorry for what I said, or if it caused someone to be uncomfortable or angry.

    If nothing else, my small comment gave someone a platform to express their anger and upset at the issue and while I’m mildly amused at being called a racist, I have no problem with her or you taking me to task for it. What did bug me was being told I was talking about things I didn’t know about when they were based on my own experiences and the actual events that happened at the time. It’s one thing to be called a racist, it’s another to be called a liar.

    And, as I said in the posts, I have been robbed by far more Americans than anyone, so the idea that I’m trying to say Brazil is the worst or all Brazilians are thieves is wrong. But trying to pretend that people don’t think SL content theft and Brazil together is like saying no one thinks of Japan when they hear Pearl Harbor. I don’t agree to pretend the past doesn’t exist just to make people comfortable. The world can use a little more discomfort by my reasoning.

  15. sharmany
    Posted July 10, 2012 at 4:59 PM | Permalink

    Hello Salome,

    I understand your point of view, I’m not saying you are racist I’m just saying that the comparison was unfortunate.

    Unfortunately, the Brazilians have been known to steal, and this is fact, but that was much more to intolerance of certain people because Americans stole more in Second Life than any Brazilian. But the Brazilians turned advertisement boy/girl of theft in SL.

    There were so many cases of theft of content in SL by the Brazilian and I’m not denying or hiding it. I denounced many Brazilians, but as attention turned to the Brazilian and everything became a real witches hunt , while more Americans and people of other nationalities were selling stolen things in mailands, and the number of these people, especially Americans was much higher than the Brazilian cases, but nobody said anything, it seems that neither existed.

    Does not sound strange to you, this does not seem persecution?

    Up to boycott legitimate Brazilian creators was done, as if all had Brazilians blame for people without character exist.

    Well, I just wanted to clarify some points, I’m sorry for anything.

    By the way, the clarification of the case Curio vs Hush was excellent!

    And sorry for my english, I’m still learning…

  16. Posted July 10, 2012 at 5:11 PM | Permalink

    Your English is far better than my Portuguese. Please don’t misunderstand me. I agree with you that anyone who focused on Brazil as the only source of content theft or who behaved mistrustfully toward someone just because they were Brazilian was behaving like an ignorant moron. If I’d heard of a boycott based on race or nationality at any time, I would have blogged the stupidity of it (back when my blogging about it would have mattered lol). I really do appreciate the frustration that you and others must feel having endured that and I am sorry you had to experience it. I did not experience it and, as such, I have no idea how widespread it was. My experience was mostly just a group of content creators sighing and filing out another “please remove” notecard to the owners of the stores and SIMs; none of the people I knew blamed all Brazilians, we just got tired of dealing with the same bad apples over and over.

    Thank you for your comments here. Regardless of what we agree or disagree on, it’s worth reminding people about.

  17. gugudada
    Posted July 11, 2012 at 4:14 AM | Permalink

    First of, a LOT of people know this for a fact: your friend Vivi Graves managed to tamper with the scripts of the fundraiser for Gala and is pocketing a percentage of the earnings. It is very easy to modify a script to do so.

    Second, this is a witch hunt against Hush. After all, NO ONE has seen any court case, any HD scraps, any forensic proof.

    Third, it is ridiculous that Gala is receiving money for HER lawsuit. Someone will please pay my rent this month? No? You will tell me to go get a job? Well, my rent is paid so perhaps you could tell GALA to go get a RL job!

    Fourth: it is impressive how the vast majority of americans are. So eager to help to the point of blindness. Or was it they applied for the event for their own advertisement benefit? People are throwing their money in the hands of people like Vivi Graves, without even knowing where the money is going to, and whether it is reaching Gala in its totality.

    Fifth: the biggest case of copybot in SL was made by AMERICANS that routed back to Brazil and to China. Do your homework a little better before accusing people.

    Sixth: If a person can fake passport, SSN, driver license and even money, imagine how easy it is to fake charity institution websites or screenshots of skins and make people believe its legitimacy! Mr. Gala’s Lawyer above, if he is a lawyer that doesn’t wipe his ass with his diploma, can easily attest to that.

    Being so, whatever happens, we will never know the truth. and most of you will take sides based on proof that could be easily falsified… when the moral and decent thing would be stay out of it, take care of your own lives instead of pointing fingers without material proof, and let Gala find a job and pay her own expenses.

  18. Posted July 11, 2012 at 4:33 AM | Permalink

    Okay let’s pretend you’re not a troll and respond to you on points.

    1. I’ve never hidden that Viv is a friend of mine. She blogged on Linden Lifestyles and she’s lived on my SIM for like three years. And I think this whole Gala situation marks the third time we’ve agreed on anything. No one “tampered” with the scripts; they were set up to pass the funds to Gala. Every single vendor is told that when they set up and it’s visible in their transaction history and in-world payment notices. It’s a fundraiser for Gala so of course she’s getting the funds.
    2. No one that I’m aware of is on a witch hunt against Hush. If you have names, provide them or shut it. However, many people have independently verified artifacts of other people’s watermarks on Hush skins and the court documents that *have* been located prove Hush’s original blog post (which jump started all the controversy) was, at best, misrepresenting the facts and, at worst, deeply dishonest. Court documents count as evidence pretty much universally.
    3. Feel free to IM Gala and tell her to get a job. The rest of us are paying her rent and helping with her lawsuit. This is your business…how?
    4. Everyone knows where their money is going — it’s in the merchant transaction history. None of it goes to Viv. I can’t speak to the motives of all the vendors — maybe some of them are in it just for exposure. The rest of us are just supporting Gala. Anything but blindly.
    5. If you care about the Brazil issue, I’m a newt. You’ve got enough mock rage already don’t co-opt someone else’s; it’s tacky.
    6. We found the court documents, and for $6 Canadian you can, too. There is no charity website. No one’s faking anything…well not on Gala’s side of the issue.

    Oh. We will know the truth. And that really scares some people. As it should.

    A note to any other “moral and descent” trolls, this was the last anonymous freebie. If you’re going to spit bile, you better do it with an SL avatar name that wasn’t born yesterday.


  19. Darkley Aeon
    Posted July 11, 2012 at 6:06 AM | Permalink

    Just found this post, brilliant thanks for summing everything up clearly as soon as I saw the Hush blog claim that Gala copied her skins I called bullshit, and sent a message to Gala back then saying as much. and everything I thought about the people involved in Skin Addicition is confirmed too.

  20. Posted July 11, 2012 at 9:17 AM | Permalink

    Thank you for writing this wonderfully written and much-needed post. I just wanted to throw in my two cents and say that I think Gala is a wonderful and talented designer. I have a number of her skins and love them all. I support her fully. I’m overjoyed that so many other talented SL creators are supporting her with the fundraiser. Now, I’m going to do my part and spend copious amounts of L$ to help with Gala’s court fees. If you’re reading this, Gala, we love you. I look forward to seeing you back in business and buying many of your skins in the future! *hugs*

  21. sharmany
    Posted July 11, 2012 at 11:58 AM | Permalink

    I know the Gala work since I started participating in Second Life in 2004. Since then I follow her work because I like her style.

    When it appeared the problem of theft of textures, objects and copybot I worked frantically searching and exposing these thieves. I am a designer, this is my profession so I know how damaging is having a stolen work, I’ve been a victim of this.

    I do not know if Hush stolen or bought from someone who has stolen the textures of the Gala, but the theft is evident, only to observe the quality of a texture to another The quality of skin textures Hush evidentimente are lower, and I do not talk about quality of work, I talk about file quality, typical of a texture copied by GLIntercept.

    For many people, Second Life is no joke, is a source of income a means of survival, if you can not see it and faces the SL only as a toy, begins to think better.

    Gala did not copy Hush textures, Hush copied Gala, and it seems not only Gala but many other shops.
    If you are a careful observer can see this quite clearly, the style of the faces of Hush skins are completely different from the bodies, the face of skins is an amateur job I say. Does anyone ever get to see it?

    I’m not advocating Gala because I like her style, I like her style as well as enjoy many other designers, much less I know Gala. I defend Gala because the fraud made ​​by Hush is evident. The situation becomes more monstrous when Hush entered in court to ask for rights to a job she not did, she stole.

    The event is not only to help Gala in court, but to defend the work of all creators of SL, depending on whether or not such work is a legitimate source of income. Nobody has the right to steal someone else’s work, regardless that this work be marketed within a virtual plataform.

  22. Posted July 11, 2012 at 6:26 PM | Permalink

    Great post – probably the most comprehensive one I have found to date. I have a really hard time believing Hush’s claim. Gala’s skins are very unique in my eyes and really think this all would have come out YEARS ago if there was any sort of element of truth. Even though I am not a regular customer, I do know she does quality work. I hope this is all resolved soon in her favor.

    On a personal note – Linden Lifestyles kept me in SL when I first joined in 2007. Without your guy’s shopping advice (and the great electronic music scene), I doubt I would have stayed and for that I thank you.

    Oh and before I go, I can’t believe you tried to have a relevant discussion on SLU, lol. I swear I have had more logical discussions with five year olds compared to my efforts on SLu. But it is a great site for the LULZ!

    Thanks again,


  23. Pamin Oyen
    Posted July 11, 2012 at 8:51 PM | Permalink

    Some of my viewpoints to add some salt to the debate:

    1-I’m brazilian and I’m not offedend.

    2-I’m in SL since 2007 and also never heard of Hush.

    3-A long long time ago I received as gift a ripped skin of Curio from a friend, then I bought the exactly same skin a month later for 1000L$ in Curio shop.

    4-GL Intercept(debugin tool that can be used to rip a texture) stopped working in SL official realease so I can’t grab a demo skin from Hush to test if it really has the Curio’s watermark vestige. I also do not like the other viewers and I’m not going to download one and try GL Intercept with it to verify the skins. By the way, Hush could have cleaned all the vestiges and I would not waste my time testing all the demos skins of Hush.

    5-The Hush skins are ugly in comparison with the Curio’s skin.

    6-The latest Hush skins seems more like those of Al Vulo than those of Curio/Gala Phoenix.

    7-If Gala Phoenix is a thief, she/he is also a very good artist and Hush quality declined very much with time.

  24. Posted July 12, 2012 at 12:34 PM | Permalink

    I read it all, very well thought out and stated. Despite it being long it was an enjoyable and informative read. As a blogger who has supported and blogged about this issue in support of One Voice I can only hope that at the end of this it will all be corrected as soon as possible. If it were just something that was a fly by night thing, done for fun, then it wouldn’t have been as big an issue as it is. However, this is Curio is used as a livelihood IRL and it is unfortunate that someone is able to mess with that due to Linden Lab’s hastiness to react without going in depth and finding out exactly why the issue stemmed from. In the end the truth will always come out and as far as those watermarks go, I’ve seen them posted everywhere, so it looks like the truth is coming out of the closet.

  25. Dave Bell
    Posted July 14, 2012 at 12:52 PM | Permalink

    I’v followed a few DMCA FUBARs over the years. If a company providing service over the internet follows the procedures, it is very hard to drag then into a copyright suit. I know of very large companies which don’t quite follow the DMCA procedures, and are notorious for it. You would need very deep pockets to chase after them.

    Several things come to mind:

    1: The DMCA was enacted to implement international treaties, the WIPO Copyright Treaty and the WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty. The main relevant effect here is to ensure foreign works are protected in the USA.

    2: The protection that Linden Labs gains from the DMCA procedure depends on them not getting a direct financial benefit from the infringement. Since they take a commission on Marketplace sales, but say L$ are not real money, settling this could be messy and expensive for all involved.

    3: DMCA procedures are there to keep Linden Labs out of the courts. If they’re not a party to the case, can they have any say in where it is heard?

    I am not a lawyer so what do I know?

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