Bikini Season

“A girl in a bikini is like having a loaded pistol on your coffee table – There’s nothing wrong with them, but it’s hard to stop thinking about it” ~ Garrison Keillor

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Bitch Please

Bitch Please

The glasses were a gift from Grace and they are my new favorite thing. Which will last about another day and a half until I find something else. Apparently my comments about slapping people drew out the Lisa Simpsons of my readership. But if you’re not used to my sarcasm and humor at this stage — why on earth are you reading? True, I want 99.9% of humanity relocated to alternate planets, but the extent to which I’m willing to do anything about it extends to my wishing individuals into a pretend cornfield really, really hard. So far it hasn’t worked. Everyone’s spleen is safe.

For now.

FYI, this is a shopping post, so if you’re here for information / drama, it’s likely one of the previous two posts.

I don’t know about where ya’ll live but here it’s hot. Muggy hot. Oh-dear-Hera-why-have-you-forsaken-us hot. So it seemed a really good time to get onto the Bikini side of the street.

Mesh Bikini

Mesh Bikini

This is the Maua Mesh Bikiki from Baiastice. I find Baiastice, in general, to be a lot like Gizza — an awful lot of stock and so little of it worth wearing. However, we are in the mesh age and this bikini has a lot going for it. It should be mentioned that it comes in several different colors, some of them wonderful tropical prints, but I went with basic black to offset the pastel blue that you’ll meet later in the entry.

Mesh Bikini - Detail

Mesh Bikini - Detail

First let’s talk about what this bikini gets right. The mesh pieces are different attachments — so you could wear the top with a pair of jeans/wrap skirt or the bottoms with a t-shirt. As mesh goes, far too often, separates are attached together which limits consumer mix and match options. For the prices we’re paying for most mesh, there should be as much versatility as possible, imho. Next, the creator actually wraps the fabric around the rings that adorn the front and sides. I really appreciated that they didn’t take the lazy out and just have the fabric look like it was attached with a textured-on wrap. I also like the fact that it’s not a thong. Yes it’s more French cut than it is good girl modest, but it’s nice to have a middle option between stripper thong and 50’s spanky pants for bikini bottoms. The result is a little cheeky, but still a bathing suit as opposed to ho-wear.

As for issues to be aware of prior to purchase, as you can see in the photos, I desperately wanted to move the thing about .05m up; it hangs just a smidge too low on the breasts. I thought I could work with breast gravity settings to make that look more natural, but lowering the gravity only made the bottom curves penetrate through the mesh. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to look like it’s falling off but it’s…irritating. I picked this bikini instead of some of the others on the grid because I cannot stand spaghetti straps in SL. Textured, sculpted, or mesh, spaghetti straps just never seems work. They’re either too far off the body so you get that hovering in space issue, or they disappear into your neck/shoulders when you move. Hate them. That said, I don’t want to spend my days looking like I’m about to fall out of my top. Move. It. Up. Also I was not impressed with the texturing on the black or the rings. The black I understand because texturing black is tricky, but the rings really could have and should have been done better.

Mesh Bikini & Jewelry

Mesh Bikini & Jewelry

The Jewelry Set I’m wearing in both outfits is the Nebula Jewelry Set from my friend, Sax Shepherd. I cannot pretend to be neutral about presenting these items because I’ve given input while he works on them. If I’d seen any problems, I would have brought them up before he was done. I love the colors and textures of these sets. And I love the little belly charm that comes with the necklaces and earrings. It’s not intended to be a piercing, but a jewel that’s pushed into the navel. I appreciated that when I put the charms on, they were intentionally left a little in front of the stomach, so you could easily fit them and didn’t have to go digging in my body for them. I wish more people who made small pieces would do that. The dark and light gray I’m waring with this outfit is one of the mixed sets where you get four neckalces, four pairs of earrings and six belly charms for L$399. This set is the Pulsar which presents gray, dark gray, and red combinations.

Retro Kini With Jewelry

Retro Kini With Jewelry

As I move on to my retro ‘kini, you can see one of the single color sets on the Nebula. This blue (yes, I’m clashing blues, shhh) is called Triton and you get the necklace, earrings and two belly charms for only L$299. If you think the blue is pretty you should see the purple, but I couldn’t find a purple bikini. Also, be warned the SIM and store aren’t quite shopper-friendly yet (my new SIM build that houses Sax’s store doesn’t officially launch for a month and there’s still construction goin’ on) so you might have to mouse-over the vendors to see which is which.

Surf Co Retro Bikini - Detail

Surf Co Retro Bikini - Detail

Now onto the ‘kini goods. This is the Surf Couture Retro Reef Bikini, and if you haven’t gone squeee yet, then you have no girlhood memories of cheesy Beach Blanket Bingo movies. Okay, so it’s not mesh, but look at the adorableness! The textures are a little on the hand-drawn side but they’re realistic enough for me (and I’m a snob). The bikini is accented with sculpted ties on the back, front and sides that are very nicely shaped and shaded. I found I had to adjust them a bit from their default positions, but it was nothing major. It has no spaghetti straps (yay) and doesn’t look like it’s about to fall off (double yay!). It’s also half the cost of the mesh one.

I’m just sayin’.

The what’s-not-to-like elements of the bikini are all the standard fare we’ve been exposed to regarding textured-on system layers and the subjective choice of whether or not something is “too hand-drawn” for your taste and whether or not you *must have* mesh. Really, for this type of piece the mesh is optional for me. You’re not getting any real benefit as movement, etc goes. To me, lingerie, blouses, and bathing suits are the one area where system layered textures can still be competitive with mesh.

Now I’m off to find a frozen drink served in a prim coconut and really big umbrella.

Where Does She Get Those Wonderful Toys

Baiastice_Maua Mesh Bikini (XS Pictured) – L$320
Creator: Baiastice / Sissy Pessoa

[SC] Surf Couture – Retro Reef Bikini – L$140
Creator: Emma Gilmour

SSD Frills – Nebula Jewelry Set – Triton (Necklace, Earrings, 2 Belly Charms) – L$299
SSD Frills – Nebula Jewelry Set – Pulsar – (Four Necklaces, Four Pairs of Earrings, Six Belly Charms) ~ L$399
Creator: Sax Shepherd

Eye Wear ShadZ – “Bitch Please” – L$100
Creator: Enzo Davies

Truth Hair – Nolene in Jupiter (Gingers Pack) – L$250
Creator: Truth Hawks

Cosmetics – Black Bikini Set
Izzie’s – Lipstick dark red (Dark Vibrant Lipstick Pack) – L$190
Izzie’s – Delusional Eyeshadow black (Delusional Eyeliner Set Pack)
Izzie’s – Cat Eyeliner 4 (Eyeliner Set) – L$150
Creator: Izzie Button

Cosmetics – Blue Bikini Set
L.Fauna Lipstick [Wine 1] – L$24
Creator: Launa Fauna

KOSH- LIQUID EYESHADOW -silver- (Liquid Eyeshadow Pack) – L$199
Creator: Lynaja Bade

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    Squee’s at the bikini and makeup. The Formals are what I visit Baiastice for, but I am not as picky as I ought to be.

    And when we do send people to other planets we have to keep the telephone sanitizers…it’s importance.

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    Anyone involved in the production of chocolate, the maintenance of power, plumbing, and/or air conditioning gets a pass. Everyone else…not so much.

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