Guys Who Like Girls Who Read

“…’cause she loves the classics and they’re pretty dirty…” ~ Mark Grist

I grant you the accent by itself is cheating because it tends to make us yank girls melty, but even the roll-my-eyes cynic in me can’t help being a little charmed.

Damn it.

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  1. Posted February 23, 2012 at 8:35 PM | Permalink

    What is it with that accent, I discovered it makes me melty by hearing it from a DJ in New Babbage. I told said DJ that he could make a LOT of tips from Yank girls by just reading the Phone book or something. I squee every time I hear his voice.

    As for Girls who Read being awesome, I think a Piggie bun wearing friend of mine wrote it best:

    Before SL, before MMO’s, before message boards, IRC, USENET, before video games even, books were my bestest friends. And to me any woman who knows that four hobbits bore the ring is pretty darn special.